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I thought that rather than writing review after review of each of these products it would actually be more interesting to talk about them all in a single post. Afterall, I like all of these in combination – so it makes sense to talk about them together.

Pantene Colour Protect & Volume Shampoo & Conditioner*

I love that they have finally combined colour protection and volume, when normally I would have to pick between the two. This does leave my hair soft and nicely conditioned but I am a little cautious of using it on a daily basis in case of silicone build up that can happen. So I alternate it with…

VO5 Give Me Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner

I picked these up because I liked the look of the new bottles and they were half price (about £1.60 each, mega cheap) and really like them. They smell good and keep my dry hair moisturised. Nope, not expensive, high end shampoo/conditioner choices but they clean my hair and leave it feeling good so I don’t feel the need to spend more.

Pantene Colour Protect Concentrate*

I’ve used this on alternate days after having my highlights re-done recently to give it a boost. As I have blonde hair naturally and the highlights are just brighten – but it does mean some pretty hardcore bleach. This can leave my hair pretty frazzled, so this has helped look after it.

Philip Kingsley Scalp Mask

I’ve raved about this one before, it’s now an absolute essential in my haircare ‘routine’. I’ve stocked up on these more times than I can count, since trying it for the first time when I was given it in a goody bag. I’ll definitely continue to do so. You can read my original review if you click on the product name. I really can’t recommend this enough if you ever suffer from a itchy/irritated scalp.

This can now be bought direct from the website.

The Body Shop Guarana Berry Volumising Mousse

This is one of the products I mentioned in my Body Shop Bargains post, where I picked up a few bits with my £30 Groupon voucher. On first impressions this left my hair feeling a bit on the crispy/dry side but that’s because I had applied far too much. The texture is actually a foam rather than a mousse, so vanishes into hair faster than mousse textures so first couple of uses it was easy to think I needed to apply more, but this actually only needs a small amount (about half of a palm full) to deliver good volume that lasts. The best thing about this is definitely the smell though – it smells good enough to eat! 

Batiste XXL Volumising Dry Shampoo*

I’ve been trying to break my daily hair-washing habit and this has really helped. My number one problem with not washing my hair is not that it gets greasy, but that it’s really flat and lifeless. This really does deliver though, if you want volume (and I mean MASSIVE volume) then this is your product. It doesn’t leave hair feeling clean and fresh, but it definitely leaves it big.

Sebastian Professional Potion 9 Lite Treatment Styler*

This is described as a ‘wearable treatment styler’ with ‘active-oil botanicals that restore hair’s natural condition, leaving hair with renewed shine.’ For me, this is my heat protector, any time I am going to use my hair dryer or straighteners then I spritz this on beforehand. You can also apply to dry hair for ‘texture and definition’ but I don’t really like how my hair feels when I do this, so I stick to using it as a styling protector.

The next two products basically do the same thing, but one is my ‘lazy’ version…

Pantene 24 Hour Frizz Fighter* & Chi Silk Infusion

Both of these products offer sleek/frizz free results. I like them both but find the Pantene one easier to use as it doesn’t require a hand wash after use to remove the serum/oil coating from hands like the Chi Silk Infusion does. I picked up the Chi product when I was in America recently, but only bought a small one as I couldn’t carry it back (luggage was overflowing already…) I do like the Chi a lot, it definitely leaves my hair feeling amazingly soft and silky, but it can be quite easy to go overboard and look a bit greasy rather than silky. 

I would say that I use the Chi if I’m using hair straighteners and the Pantene on a day to day basis to keep frizz at bay.

The Tangle Teezer

Another one I have already raved about, love this! You can read the original review by clicking on the name above for more info – but it really does get rid of knots, smooth hair and gives the scalp a lovely massage all at the same time.

The only thing that I think is missing is a deep conditioning treatment – would love to hear suggestions! What are you loving in your hair care routine at the moment? 

Products marked with a * provided for PR. All others bought by me. 


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