Davidoff Cool Water: Scent of Summer

R-L: Davidoff Cool Water Woman Wave, Original, Summer Dive (latest)

Davidoff Cool Water is probably my all time favourite perfume – I love the original scent and have now built a bit of a collection of that and the various other scents released as Summer/Limited Edition versions of the ‘Cool Water’ family. It really is the best scent for summer, so fresh and light – never overpowering but lasts really well.

The latest launch is Davidoff Cool Water Woman ‘Summer Dive’ (on the left in the picture) I’m not a fragrance expert but there is something about this one that I like even more than the original scent – there’s something about this one that smells a bit more modern than the original I was going to say something a bit more citrus but from my research it seems to be mint that’s making the difference – but it still has the familiar smell of the original scent of Cool Water. 

As I said, not a fragrance expert, so I have used the ever-so-handy www.escentual.com to give me a professional break down of what the original and the latest version smell of! I’ve also included the best prices I can find online next to the description.

Davidoff Cool Water Original  (£17.87 for 30ml from www.escentual.com)

“A fresh aquatic fragrance that reinforces a woman’s confident beauty. Enjoy this glistening of water over skin, the utmost fresh sensuality.

Experience the essence of water with a sparkling and fresh water melon top note. Feel the delicate energy and vibration of the lily of the valley in heart. Be seduced by the transparent and fresh sensuality of woods in base notes.”

Top Notes: Luscious aquatic, cool citrus, honeydew melon, quince, pineapple, lotus and lily.
Heart Notes: may rose, jasmine and muguet.
Base Notes: musk, vanilla, peach, sandalwood, orris and vetiver.

Davidoff Cool Water Summer Dive (£25.99 for 125ml on www.fragrancedirect.co.uk)

“A fun and fruity summer fragrance to refresh your body and mind.

This year’s Cool Water Woman limited edition scent is Summer Dive, a dewy feminine fragrance that sparkles with vivacity. The clear and invigorating fragrance blends tropical fruits with a touch of Mint freshness, quenching and sensual.

A fragrance for that sexy ‘I just back from the beach’ feeling.”

Top Notes: mint leaves, melon, pineapple.
Heart Notes: water violet, lotus flower.
Base Notes: orris, warm woods.

A few places also still stock the Davidoff Cool Water Wave (on the left in the picture) that I picked up for a bargain price of about £12 in Boots a year or so ago. So here’s the break down of how that differs from the original too.

Davidoff Cool Water Wave (£19 for 100ml on www.amazon.co.uk)

“Enter Cool Waters oceanic and fresh top notes through aquatic juicy freshness of watermelon.

Feel the floral femininity of freesia in heart.

And finally, experience the long- lasting sensuality of sandal wood and amber.”

Top Notes: juicy, fresh and sweet watermelon mango and guava.
Heart Notes: freesia, datura, pink pepper, peony and corn.
Base Notes: sandalwood, iris and amber.

This one is probably my least favourite as I don’t love the pepper scent on me and find this one smells a little less fresh and more floral the both the original and the latest LE version.

Have you tried any of the Davidoff Cool Water Woman fragrances? What do you think??

Davidoff Cool Water Summer Dive provided as PR sample. Both other fragrances bought by me.

FYI: None of the links are affiliate links!


  1. March 27, 2012 / 10:38 am

    Davidoff Cool Water is my husband favourite perfume and I’m really happy as is a cheap one as well. Great gift for the loved one.

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