Dolce & Gabbana: Rules for the Modern Gentleman App

I love an iPhone app. Especially a free iPhone app.

This is one mostly for the boys, but I suggest the girls who would like to teach the men in their life about how to be a bit more gentlemanly check this app out too… as probably guessed from the blog title it’s the  Dolce & Gabbana ‘Rules for the Modern Gentleman.

Written by Dylan Jones, editor of GQ it promises to answer all the style, etiquette, and grooming questions the men of today might have.

On browsing the app to find some tips to casually hint to the boyfriend, I found a couple of gems:

“When handling a troublesome monobrow, ensure all errant hairs between your eyes are plucked, but resist the urge to force a shape.”


“Women want to know that you are capable of taking care of them, not that you think they need taking care of.”

You can check out these and many other tips on the app, by downloading it for free from the iTunes app store.

The app was inspired by the launch of the new ‘The One’ fragrance, which is described as ‘a bottled homage to the modern gentleman’.

The fragrance is available online from Boots (for the UK) and Bloomingdales (for the US).

Have you tried the app? What tips would you give the gentleman in your life…?

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