Embracing colour…ish

Earlier this month I filmed a video with Glossy Box all about the palettes that were included in some of the December boxes from Blink and Go. The little palettes remind me of Trivial Pursuit playing pieces (or ‘seggies’ as we call them in my house… little brightly coloured triangle shapes.

The bright eyeshadow palette. Amazing colours.

The layer of two blushers under the set of eye shadows.

If you read this blog regularly, then you probably got the message that colour isn’t my strong point when it comes to make-up. I much prefer my safe neutral shades, with the occasional pop of bright lip colour for a night out. But by being the ‘model’ (I use the term loosely) for the video I was shown how brights can be wearable and it made me try a couple of looks myself… one purple and one turquoise.

Not the greatest (or most flattering) shots, but these were taken early in the AM before work (hence the wet hair in the second picture) but you get the idea… I’m trying colour. Go me.

Also please excuse the oh-so-basic application, I don’t do colour often so I didn’t do it well. But the point of this is that I’m attempting to break my neutrals rut and embrace a bit of colour.

Of the two looks, I definitely prefer the purple/lilac shade. Somehow it feels safer than the turquoise.

What do you think when it comes to colour – like it or prefer neutrals like me? I like that I’ve tried it, but I still much prefer my browns/bronzes/taupes to the brights. But it’s good to know I can do it without getting stares….

PR sample.


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  1. Rebecca
    January 5, 2012 / 9:02 pm

    Noooooo the Trivial Pursuit things are called cheeses!

    I got the pallet in my Glossy Box that was darker metallic shades, really nice actually and the kind of colours I can wear for a night out etc. Quite impressed with the eyeshadows, especially as I’d not heard of the brand before. Not keen on the blushers in mine, they’re not subtle enough for me or perhaps I’m just crap at applying them!

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