Nail art challenge from John Lewis

I took on a bit of a silly challenge from John Lewis makeup recently, and not silly because of their suggestion – it was a great challenge and I totally wanted to be involved! They sent over some lovely nail colours for me to play with and create some nail art looks with. But it was a bit silly because I am TERRIBLE at nail art.

Seriously, I just about manage to paint my nails with a single colour, let alone get all creative with it too! What was I thinking when I said yes?! But I did say yes and gave it a go – I actually did these designs before I went away on holiday, but have struggled with some of the images (I think the universe is telling me something about never trying nail art again…) But here they are.

The colours I was sent to use were: Nars Space Odyssey (Silver), Nails Inc Trafalgar Square (pewter metallic), and YSL No 19 (hot pink) and No 12 (pearl).

If there is a wooden spoon equivalent prize, then I’m sure it will be mine!

The looks I tried are:

Candy Stripe nails (one of the trends for the nail colours chosen is ‘candy’, so I tried to work with that theme and create a candy-stripe look. All painted free hand rather than with stencils (as if you can’t tell already…) this is the pink and white YSL nail colours, layered up.

Star nails… I used the metallic Nails Inc as a base shade and then used all three other colours to paint little stars on. I should have mixed up the colours on each nail really.

Metallic hearts – I used the metallic as a base again, with the magnetised effect and then used the Nars silver to paint hearts on each nail. The better images I took of this seem to be corrupted though so sadly don’t have decent images to show of that. I’ll re-do just for the sake of the blog as soon as I can. But here’s one I took that’s not great from my iphone… might give you a vague idea.

So I learnt something new, I have creative ideas but rubbish execution when it comes to nail art! I could probably do with buying some decent tools to make it a bit easier for myself really…

You can check out Lipglossiping, The London Beauty Review and Super Gorgeous to see some far more skilled versions of nail art with similar colours! Good luck girls!

The lucky winner of the challenge will win £150 John Lewis voucher!


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  1. February 10, 2012 / 1:40 am

    I think you did a great job, definitely thought you had used stencils until I read otherwise! 🙂

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