Beauty at 25A, Belgravia

A couple of weeks ago I spent a morning of pure luxury in Belgravia at Beauty at 25A to experience two treatments – ‘Vela Shape II’ and an amazing facial.

I’ll start by talking about the Vela Shape II – this is one of those treatments that’s more of an essential than a pamper. Although it’s not *really* an essential. Vela Shape II is a treatment that deals with cellulite and helps with slimming/contouring. I would liken it to being attached by a giant sucking catfish that also heats up to borderline burning the skin. That’s slightly dramatic – it doesn’t actually burn, but it does get to around 40+ degrees. Which feels basically at the borderline of hot/discomfort. This isn’t exactly a pleasant treatment, but overtime it can give your weightloss/cellulite treatment a boost. For one treatment I can’t exactly vouch for the long term results though after one treatment I was measured as having lost 1 inch from both thighs and half an inch from my stomach.

My other treatment was on the whole other end of the scale – so relaxing that I’m pretty sure I nodded off at one point. This treatment was the most insanely indulgent facial I have ever had – I arrived at 10am and the facial lasted until 12.30…yep, over two hours of facial pampering. 
The facial was a Guinot Hydrodermie Facial that included all the usual cleansing/massage/mask etc – but with the added benefits of a red light hydration treatment plus a session with a micro current/ionisation device that’s meant to help the products absorb whilst deep cleansing the bad stuff out – leaving it super hydrated and plumped, but also deeply cleansed. That’s hardly the most scientific description of what it was, but it felt amazing – and my skin felt fantastic post-facial. I spent the rest of the day make-up free and didn’t feel as conscious as I normally would do. It’s amazing how skin feeling clean and well moisturised can almost be as good as a decent foundation.
The service at Beauty at 25A was fantastic – the treatment rooms are all downstairs, below street level so really peaceful and quiet. It doesn’t hurt that the salon is in a gorgeous area, just across the road from a gorgeous Louboutin store…not that I shop there, but it’s nice to look!
For more info on Regis Salons check the website. You can contact Beauty at 25A on 02072353154.


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