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It’s hardly the most thrilling side of beauty blogging to talk about hand care, but after a pretty long stint of constantly wearing/changing/reapplying nail colours my nails were looking a bit of a state – coupled with the fact that I’ve always had a bit of a problem with my hands being really dry…it was time to lay off the colour for a bit and try looking after my hands/nails a bit.

So I’ve had a week on nail-colour free life and these are the products I’ve been loving:

Two little miracle workers from Dr Lewinn’s range – Renunail Strengthener and Renunail Cuticle Oil. Of the two I have to say the cuticle oil is the big winner – my cuticles can be a total nightmare zone, and this oil has really helped. As with any cuticle oil, it definitely comes down to being diligent and applying daily (I’m guilty of giving up each time I’ve seen results…and then being disappointed when they get dry again…doh!) but this one smells good (mostly of tea tree in my opinion) and does the job. The brush applicator makes it easy to apply, a little sweep of oil, massage in and voila – healthy cuticles.
I’ve also been using the Renunail Nail Strengthener – because whilst my nails tend to be fairly strong, grow quickly (I drink a lot of milk) they have started to peel quite a lot recently. So I was hoping this would help – it is early days for this treatment as the whole process is meant to last 25 days…but for me to go 25 days without nail polish is just not going to happen. So I’ve been doing my best over a week. To use this you apply a coat, let it dry then reapply daily for five days, then remove on the 7th day and repeat three times. After one week I feel my nails are a bit healthier and definitely less flaky – of course it’s hard to be 100% sure that this is due to the treatment as it’s only 1/3rd of the way through, but so far, feeling good.
Last but by no means least I’ve been loving this overnight hand treatment from the new skincare range from Molton Brown – a word on the skincare range actually, I’ve been trialling a selection from the range and there’s some fab products in there. Will share reviews soon – but main thing I love about them so far is they small amazing! 
Back to the Polynesian Kopara Anti-Ageing Hand Cream ‘Night Time Remedy’. This is a light, fast to absorb hand cream that leaves hands feeling instantly hydrated and even better in the morning. But because it’s light and absorbs easily I’ve been using in the day time too – absolutely love this.
I should also mention that day to day I also keep a pot of Sally Hansen Healthy Cuticles Now on my desk at work – this is a fab quick fix for dry cuticles that doesn’t leave me with greasy oil all over my keyboard…
You can find out more about Dr Lewinn’s on the website.
For more about Molton Brown Skincare click here.

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