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I love reading these posts on other blogs so thought I’d do one of my own, all about (as the title so subtly suggests…) my favourite pieces of jewellery. Of course, I have other bits and bobs I like to wear, more fashiony pieces, but these are my all time favourites that I always come back to…


My rings, I wear these every day without fail and without them I feel naked. The chunky silver one with the pink stone was a gift from my parents from a small local jewellers in my home town. They gave me this as a leaving gift before I left to spend a year living in America.

The more delicate silver ring is one that belonged to my Mum when she was in her 20’s, probably around five years (if not longer) ago I was helping her sort and clean her jewellery and I spotted this. At the time it was tarnished and unworn for years, but I polished it off and now it has pride of place on my hands every day!


Next up is my pair of keys from Tiffany’s – these were a Christmas present last year from my boyfriend, proof that boys can actually listen as the September before we had been in New York and I was eyeing up the key necklaces – especially the turquoise one as it’s my favourite colour, so I was beyond over the moon to unwrap the famous little Tiffany’s box at Christmas! I love how delicate these are and can be worn with anything.


Next up is my Alex Monroe Feather Necklace in gold – another favourite as I love delicate necklaces and those that can be worn with anything. A friend of mine has the even smaller, more delicate Alex Monroe Feather necklace (the feather is about the size of a pea and sits sideways on the chain) it’s gorgeous, like all Alex Monroe pieces.


My final favourite is this turquoise chain necklace, on a longer chain than my other two – sometimes you just need a longer necklace for an outfit and this one fits the bill with most things that I wear. It’s longer, but not too chunky and again… I love the colour!

Anyone would think I was becoming predictable with my love of turquoise!

Do you have favourite pieces of jewellery, or do you like to mix and match?

Alex Monroe necklace was a gift.



  1. April 20, 2012 / 7:11 pm

    What did you use to clean the silver rings? I’ve got lots of tarnished silver i would like to polish up. Thanks x

  2. liloo
    April 21, 2012 / 1:07 am

    i loved the duet of keys xx
    liloo /@tsunimee xx

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