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The first thing I want to say about Four Reasons hair care is how amazing the packaging is – I love it. When these bits first arrived I spent a little longer than is really normal reading all the writing all over the bottles… it kind of reminds me of the doodles I used to do in notebooks in highschool…
But anyway, lovely packaging aside – do they deliver?
The styling products from the brand that I’ve been trying are: 
Hair Powder – which is part dry shampoo and part one of those volumising hair dusts (there’s also a more ‘intense’ version of this as a duster product on the website). I’ve been using it as a volumiser/to add texture on dry hair.
Volume Booster – a pre-blow dry spray for the roots to add a bit of a boost.
The Hair Powder is a good in between boost, the small bottle makes it easy to carry around in the handbag and a quick spritz adds texture and a bit of a volume boost without leaving it crispy or sticky as I find some hairsprays can. Like with dry shampoo, because it’s powdery you don’t want to spray too close or too much or else you might look a bit like you’ve had a fight with some baby powder – but I find it’s much harder to use too much with this as the spray is really fine and light weight.
The volume booster is good, but not one I’m blown away by – I find that it definitely leaves hair feeling light and with volume but it doesn’t last all day and I find my soft/fine hair flops quite a bit by lunchtime. When I use this I need to use a fair amount of hairspray to give it the extra hold it needs.
Of course no point me rabbiting on about the products without a bit of evidence – here’s a shot of my hair as styled using the volumising spray and then a quick spritz of the hair powder!
On a completely separate note, my hair has gotten so much darker since I’ve not had it highlighted for a while…this is pretty much my natural colour which I haven’t seen for years! Feeling the need to go bright blonde again (and also wondering if it’s dark enough yet to bleach the ends and jump on the old ombre bandwagon….)
For more on Four Reasons visit the website

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  1. Emily
    April 17, 2012 / 4:37 pm

    Wow, the packaging is amazing! I might try the hair powder. Also, I think yes to the ombre! xx please check out my new blog!

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