Dr Jart+ BB Creams hit the UK

If you’re on twitter you may have spotted the @BSPRprojectX building towards the big reveal of a new brand hitting the UK’s shelves. Well, it can now be revealed that that range is Dr Jart+ Beauty Balms – I’ve been lucky to have a sneak peek at these new launches in advance of the big reveal that’s happening today!

The brand originated in Korea in 2004 and was developed by a team of 21 dermatologists – described as a fusion of ‘science and art’. It’s early days for me to be playing with these and sharing opinions on textures – but on first impressions, I’m loving the Water Fuse Beauty Balm – designed to be hydrating, whilst covering imperfections, feeling light and offering SPF 25. Plus contains Aloe Vera to soothe skin.
The key detail I neglected to mention first is that there are four versions of the BB cream – not just one for all skin types. So you can find one that suits your skin type and needs – rather than the ‘one size fits all’ BB cream that we’ve been seeing a lot of in the UK.

Dr.Jart+ Platinum Beauty Balm
Dr.Jart+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm
Dr.Jart+ Regenerating Beauty Balm
Dr.Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm
The packaging for the Premium version is as it implies…more premium.

As I said, it is early days to give a full opinion on what these look like after a days wear etc… but just as a snapshot of the different textures you can see the shades below. The Water Fuse one feels far more gel-like than the others, although all feel light and creamy. I have then splodged (technical term) the swatches to get a better idea of the texture when merged a bit more…

One thing I do have to say is that I was feeling a bit ‘blah’ about all the BB creams flooding the market. And I’m not going to say that all four of these are amazing, but I do love how they are for different skin care needs – closest to this I’ve seen in the UK is the offering from No7 that includes one for dry and one for oily skin (both very nice). 
For me with the Dr.Jart+ the main selling points are…high SPF factor across all the products. The varied ingredients for different skin types. Plus, the Water Fuse balm contains Hyaluronic Acid… a massive selling point for me. 
I will give these a good test and report back on my thoughts… but first impressions are all good! 
Welcome to the UK Dr.Jart+!
Dr.Jart+ Beauty Balms with be available from Boots with prices starting from £18

PR samples.


  1. June 12, 2012 / 5:35 pm

    YAY I’ve just been given a big sample of one of these and I’m happy I can actually go and pick it up!

    • No.737 Dreamland
      June 15, 2012 / 12:01 am

      Hey sweetie, could u plz advise how to get sample of this fansinating product?? Thank you!! Xx

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