Enrapture Heated Rollers

I always used to think rollers were the hair tool for grannies with a blue rinse, but actually they’re pretty handy. I first started using velcro rollers to get my fringe to sit in the right place – I’ll just pop it in after drying whilst hair cools and I’m doing my make-up. But beyond that I hadn’t ventured into the world of heated rollers until I was offered the chance to try out one of the slick little hair gadgets from Enrapture.

I had heard really good things about their totem styler but I opted to dry the rollers as it was something totally different to other hair gadgets I’d used before.


The rollers come in a plastic container with a simple on/off switch to heat them up. The rollers are all in various sizes and have a little clip that you use to hold them in place. As with other curling type of tools – the tighter curls you use the smaller ones, for looser beachy waves or just volume you use the larger ones.


It doesn’t take long for them to heat up and when they’re ready you simply take them out and roll them into the hair and secure with the clip. It might just be me being clumsy handed – but it took me a bit of fiddling and getting used to getting the rollers into hair properly and I found it hard to get them all the way in to the root. 

I used them on a sideways angle to get my hair to do a more wavy/beachy effect and add some texture rather than full on glamour curls. I like how the curls aren’t all an even amount of curl all over.

Overall, if you love to curl your hair then these will be a great tool – you can just put them in and get on with other bits of getting ready – but I’d get some practise in before a big night out or event so you get the hang of it first! Also, could be handy to get some of those heat proof gloves so you can get on with styling without needing to worry about burning your fingers or anything.
If anyone else has any tips for using heated rollers to create different looks please do share them in the comments below that would be fab!
Also as a little heads up – the Enrapture Rollers normally cost £74.99 but they’re currently 1/3 off at boots and boots.com – so if you’ve been eyeing these up for a while now is a good time to go for it! They’re currently £49.99… bargain!

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  1. June 27, 2012 / 9:57 am

    I’ve been wanting some heated rollers for ages!


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