Spring Clean Time

This might make me sound really boring, but I do love a good cleaning session. I don’t mean I love washing up, or cleaning the bathroom as such… but that good all over home detox, where everything is sorted, has it’s place, cleared away and then a good dusting and hoovering and ahh… it’s good for the soul.

Yep, as I said – might make me sound boring. But there is something very therapeutic about your life being all in order and sorted. So this post is something a little different – my little tips for having a good clear out/life sort. All in the spirit of a good Spring clean.

Spring scent for home

1. Give yourself some time – a good Spring clean is not a rush job and you don’t want to be left with half sorted and half chaos. Personally, I like to have the flat to myself for a proper clean so persuade the other half to go out (not hard to do when the other option is cleaning) but that’s totally up to you!

2. Get the kit you need – for a proper sort out the bits I rely on are decent black bags (cheap ones just rip when they get full), then a selection of cleaning products of choice, dusters, scrubbers the like… you know the drill. But hit the shops for a somewhat less glam ‘haul’ of a selection of cleaning/sorting bits.

3. Take it a step at a time – depending on the size of the job, break it down into sections. If you have just the one room, break it into sections (under the bed, bedside table, wardrobe, dressing table/desk etc) or if you have a flat or bigger then break it down room by room…if you have a bigger home, maybe break it into floors.

4. Get a playlist going – my personal playlist of choice, an Artful Dodger album (yep, old school UK garage is my not-so-guilty pleasure) and turn it up loud.

5. Start with sorting – that pile of papers that just build up and up and you have next to no idea what’s in them? Go through it, split into keep and chuck… with the keep pile, put them somewhere helpful where you will actually know where they are rather than just relocate the mess.

6. Tackling the wardrobe – this can be a tough one, but you need to be honest. I split this into four piles – definitely keep, maybe, charity shop and bin. The definitely keep ones go back in, hung or folded into an order that works for you (by colour, by type of item…ie skirts, jeans, long sleeved etc), the charity shop items are the ones I know I wont wear because either I always feel rubbish in so no point keeping, or something that just doesn’t suit me or that doesn’t fit – but they could be ideal for others so these get to go to new homes via local charity shop, for anything too far past the point of rescue (worn out, colour faded etc) gets the bin. The ‘maybe’ pile is the more challenging ones – things I perhaps still like, but maybe don’t wear often or am determined to slim into – the ones I’m just not sure about get held for a couple of weeks before I decide if they go back in the wardrobe or to the charity shop.

7. Move furniture – For two reasons, one to hoover and two to have a move around. A change is as good as a break and sometimes a good furniture shift can reveal space you didn’t know you had or even just a new layout that you like more than the last one. Plus, if you’re renting and perhaps cant paint or put things on the walls then moving furniture around can give your place a new look easily (just be careful not to break the stuff if it’s the landlords!)

8. The little touches – When everything has been cleaned and sorted then it’s time to think about the little touches you can give your place without needing to break the bank. Maybe it’s just a couple of new pillows for your bed/sofa? A new set of sheets for the bed? New shower curtain and towels for the bathroom? Whatever that little touch is – now is the time to get it!

9. The beauty clean out – Don’t limit the Spring clean to the obvious bits, give your beauty stash a good sort out too. Bin anything that’s too old. I’m not one to go by rules – but you will know when something could do with making it’s way to the bin instead of your face. Give your make-up storage a good clean out too (if that’s a bag, or basket or drawers – clean and give them a bit of a disinfect whilst you’re at it).

10. Relax – maybe open a new home fragrance or light your favourite candle, maybe a new one for Spring. My current home fragrance of choice is Neom Cocooning Reed Diffuser* – a light and fruity scent with Mandarin, Ylang Ylang, Chamomile and Jasmine – it’s fresh and Spring like and based on the last one I had of these will last around four months. Then it’s time to sit back, appreciate having your life that little bit sorted for Spring and relax!

*PR sample



  1. May 2, 2013 / 7:32 pm

    I love spring cleans! They help to de clutter life hehee



  2. Audrey
    October 23, 2013 / 6:52 pm

    You don’t sound boring.. Well, not at least to me. I too love spring cleaning. An ordered home is much more comfortable. I find out, after a good clean, I love my apartment much more than before and have a much better time inside.

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