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January – the time of resolutions to eat healthily, cut sugars, never give in to that Diet Coke craving (yeah, I’m not even kidding…that’s not happening any time soon). BUT I have vowed to be a little healthier day to day, you know – upping vegetables, maybe taking my cheese intake down a notch or two. So I thought this would be the perfect time to take a peek at some pretty food pictures I took WAY back in September when I spent a fab morning with Alpro and some lovely bloggers learning a few bits and bobs about food styling (yeah, that’s a thing) along with picking up some food tips – that I’ve recently been using as I invested in one of those Nutribullet gadgets, more on that shortly…


Seriously, how appetising does this look?! SO good. This is simply a combination of Alpro Plain With Coconut Yogurt (technically a plant based alternative to yogurt…) topped with a whole host of deliciousness. That’s the best thing about a dish like this – it looks amazing but is SO simply. Literally dollop your yogurt in and top with whatever fruit/seeds/nuts you fancy. I went with a combination of Chia Seeds, dried banana, oats, strawberries, dried raspberries. Simple touches that take healthy eating to a whole new instagrammable level.

That was all helped along at the #Alproista event I went to in September – we had a fab time learning a few tips and tricks for the styling of food – you know the pictures you see on instagram when you just think?! Seriously how DID they make a bowl of cocopops look so good.. or just how much time does this person have to strategically arrange their avocado toast before they eat it?! Well… it’s all in the placement and adding those little extra elements – a colourful napkin or something similar to add texture. Plus of course a light bright background always helps!


The next thing I whipped up (there wasn’t actually any whipping involved…) was a simple layered yogurt/oat/fruit concoction. Again, so easy but just takes that healthy meal to a gorgeous new level. I did a layer of yogurt (the Alpro Plain this time) then a layer of oats, more yogurt, a layer of fruit, yogurt again and topped with oats and a couple of pieces of fruit to finish. I also drizzled a bit of honey on top too for a sweet treat.

My favourite of the bunch of meals we made with Alpro was a the hummus recipe. You can’t beat hummus dip in my opinion as a snack – especially when paired with lightly warmed pitta bread sticks. Best part being how easy it is to make: 400g chickpeas plus 6 table spoons of Alpro Plain with Almond, add a squeeze of lemon juice and a clove of crushed garlic and 2 table spoons of tahini. Thens slowly add some olive oil to the mixture. Top with some toasted almonds and paprika to serve! EASY.


The main reason I wanted to blog about this is that it’s a couple of weeks in January, the time when a lot of resolutions go out the window. So I thought sharing a few pretty healthy food shots might just be the boost someone else needed to help stick with it! Plus, as I mentioned at the start I recently invested in a Nutribullet which has been amazing. One – it’s helped me whip up some of the Alpro Hummus I mentioned above. Plus I’ve been venturing into the green juice way of live. Yesterday I whipped up one that was surprisingly delicious so I’ve included the details below:

Non-gross Green Juice

2 hand-fulls of Spinach

1 Carrot – washed & chopped into chunks

1-2 table spoons of Flaxseed

1/2 cup of Alpro Plain or light plain Greek yourt

1/2 banana

1 orange – peeled

Top up to max line with Alpro Soya or low fat milk

WHISK & Drink!

I’ve been replacing either breakfast or lunch with this green concoction when I’ve been working from home. Who knew that spinach carrot and banana could actually be a tasty combination!? But when all whizzed up into a juice it’s really quite tasty and managed to fill me up too. I’m not exactly finding it that easy to resist the temptation of a snack or to reach for the last of the Christmas chocolates so I’m hoping a little look at these delicious looking pictures will help me keep going! As much as I want to eat healthily for a little weight loss and to feel better, the place I find it really satisfying to see the difference in is my skin and eyes – these are definitely one of the first places I see the difference. In just the past few days whilst I’ve been having these juices and adding some more fruit and veg into the mix my skin has really cleared up after the post-Christmas break out. It’s the little changes that really help motivate me to keep going with the little healthy lifestyle changes!

Do you have any little tweaks and changes you make that help get you on that healthy lifestyle track? Let me know if you whip up either of the recipes in this post!

More info on Alpro: alpro.com/uk (currently have the Coconut Milk version in my fridge for more Nutribullet fun but not tried it yet… any others I need to try?!)

FYI: I was a guest of Alpro at the event back in September, but this post isn’t sponsored by them or anything and I was given some Alpro but have bought a whole load ever since! I also bought the Nutribullet too.



  1. Chloe
    January 15, 2016 / 11:28 am

    This looks yummy!

  2. January 16, 2016 / 10:38 am

    Lovely PosT! Kick starting my day with a healthy breakfast is one of my many goals as well:) hehe ! Thank you for sharing this.


  3. January 23, 2016 / 6:12 pm

    I am obseeeeeessed with such type of breakfasts!!!

  4. February 1, 2016 / 4:43 pm

    These all look amazing! I’ve never really thought of food styling as a concept before, I’ll have to up my game! And I love the Alpro yoghurt alternatives- especially the vanilla one- you’d never know they weren’t yoghurt.

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