Our Wedding: Wedding Beauty Part 2

Following on from ‘part one’ which looked at all the pre-wedding beauty prep I did – now it’s time to take a little look back at what I did on the day. I’m probably going to go into more detail than strictly necessary as think it might be nice to look back on this post in years to come and remind myself of those little details on the day that I may not remember.

On the day, it was all a bit of a whirlwind. There was still lots of prep to do in the morning, so I was still running around in my PJs (a stylish white pair with bunny print on) and Nike trainers until about 10.30am when I was basically shouted at to go and get ready. Fair enough…probably should do that!

I had initially planned/thought I’d have a nice luxurious bath before letting  a hair and make-up artist do their thing and make me look ace. But various things meant that on the day I had decided to go with DIY for both hair and make-up. More on if this was a good/bad thing later. But timing then meant that actually a shower was most efficient – I remember packing some new products to that the first time I used them was that day. Including Philosophy Pure Grace shower gel which I absolutely adore and still have about 1/3 of a bottle left to be used.


Fragrance was a big deal for on the day for me – I’ve talked before about how I love scents to remind me of a moment in time. Well, if there’s ever a day to remember it was this one so I wanted something special. When it comes to special scents, Jo Malone has to be the place to go. I had previously been to their Sloane Square boutique to decide on a custom combination of fragrances for the day which I blogged about HERE. I didn’t at the time tell you the combination I went for – but it was Orange Blossom* and White Jasmine & Mint*.

Both fragrances I absolutely love and together create something really special. I started the layering off with a body cream in the Orange Blossom scent so felt really soft and pampered from the get go. I then layered a spritz of Orange Blossom Cologne all over before getting dressed. Then added sprizes of White Jasmine & Mint on my pulse points before I headed out down the aisle. I now wear each of the individual scents alone but will make it my mission to combine them again on our anniversary each year (total softie romantic right there…). They really did add that special feeling to the day – I think having a personal wedding scent is a really lovely touch for a special occasion.

Ollie and Jen Wedding-20


I had been really thorough with my skincare in the lead up to the wedding day. For both face and body! For body I was using a combination of scrubs and lotions to tackle keratosis pilaris and some really hydrating body oils to make sure my skin looks and feels as soft and smooth as possible. One of these was Ameliorate- an absolutely God-send if you suffer from KP, a little pricey, but worth the investment.

Face wise, for me it was all about the hydration and making sure it wasn’t as dry and dehydrated as it can usually be. I was using Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum nightly, plus a lot of Bobbi Brown skincare including the Hydrating Eye Cream* (light but really hydrating at same time) in the day and the Hydrating Face Cream* (a little thicker than the eye cream but still light to use) plus the Repairing Eye Cream* for night time.

Ollie and Jen Wedding-75

On the day I also added two little ‘magic’ products from Charlotte Tilbury – the Multi Miracle Glow* and the Magic Cream*. The Multi-Miracle Glow is one that’s maybe not talked about as often but is actually awesome. A balm that works as a Cleanser, Mask and Balm for soft skin. I used it as a mask after showering to just prep the skin so it’s lovely and hydrated. Topped off with the Magic Cream and my skin was glowing before I even got on to make-up.


Right, make-up. Kind of a big deal when it comes to a wedding. Wanting to look like the best possible version of me. But in a way that ideally won’t date with the photos too much and also not going into drag queen territory on the how-much-product used front. Some of the most ‘natural’ make-up for weddings seems to require a trowel to apply… They do say it’s good to wear a little more than you might normally for the photos, but I was cautious of going overboard.

Ollie and Jen Wedding-94 Ollie and Jen Wedding-76

As I mentioned at the beginning, I decided to do my make-up and hair myself. Mainly down to a combination of budgets – these wedding things can be quite pricey… plus knowing I didn’t have time to get up to Norfolk to test out various looks or make-up artists to make sure I was totally comfortable – I didn’t want to risk it being wrong on the day. So figured doing it myself was the best option, with a little help from my gorgeous bridesmaid Kate who did my eye make-up (she’s amazing at blending).

Products wise it was a combination, with Charlotte Tilbury featuring heavily. She really does have that magic touch in her products that makes them not only beautiful to use but perfect for photos.

The base was a combination of Light Wonder & Wonder Glow Foundation* – so glowing and natural. Applied with my favourite Real Techniques brushes. Plus The Retoucher* under the eyes. I added some Bobbi Brown Foundation stick* using the buffing brush to my t-zone and areas I wanted a little more coverage.

Ollie and Jen Wedding-102

Cheeks were a combination of Charlotte Tilbury Ecstasy Cheek To Chic* and the Filmstar Bronze & Glow* to add a glowing highlight. I added some of the ‘Glow’ part to my arms and collar bones too. I set the whole thing with the Flawless Finish Powder* too – an awesome setting powder.

Eyes – this was the bit I wanted to play up as is probably my favourite facial feature. The quad I used is again Charlotte Tilbury and one that has been my go-to ever since last Summer. If I could only keep one of the Charlotte Tilbury bits I used on the day this would be it (please don’t take the rest away as I love them all…). This is the Golden Goddess palette* and it’s just beautiful. Not just a predictable quad of bronze and golden shades – there’s a reddish bronze, a champagne gold and a taupe plus a mid toned bronze too. All gorgeous and now an absolute essential. I’d actually go so far to say that if you made me choose just one eyeshadow quad/small palette to keep this would be it.

Brows had been tinted before and shaped so didn’t need much. Just a touch of my favourite Bobbi Brown Cement Eyeshadow* as powder and setting with some clear mascara.

Lips – A shade I spotted on twitter and immediately knew it was the perfect wedding day colour for me. I used Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy in the shade Impulsive*. A gorgeous nude pink shade that really was just the ideal shade. This was one my superstar of a mum carried around in her pocket all day in case touch ups were needed – although in all honesty I was just having too much fun to care about how perfect my lipstick was looking! I didn’t make too much of a fuss of the lips – just used my trusty Rodial Glam Balm as a bit of a mask whilst doing other getting ready bits so my lips were really soft at the time I needed to apply.

Ollie and Jen Wedding-122


As with make-up and for the same reasons, I decided to do my hair myself. With a bit of help from Zoe who made sure the waves were all around the back. Honestly, the style wasn’t perfectly ‘done’ in the way many brides manage. But much like the lipstick – I had too much fun to care! I felt good all day and that’s all that really matters. If I had the option I would have gone for having someone to do my hair as it would have been lovely and whilst I felt confident with my make-up, my hair isn’t something I feel quite as safe doing. But I was happy with it – going for relaxed waves and leaving my hair down. The last thing I wanted was a fussy up-do, just because it was a wedding. I still wanted to look and feel like me and I pretty rarely wear my hair up so it made sense to go with my natural style. I did wear a veil, which was maybe fastened in a bit quickly and didn’t feel as secure once I got out into the breeze of the garden. For me it was all about having my colour looking good and it feeling comfortable – which it did!

Ollie and Jen Wedding-120 Ollie and Jen Wedding-117

I used a conical wand and set with hair spray. I didn’t want it to look to perfect and ‘done’ but I did go for slightly tighter curls than normal to make sure it would stay in all day as my hair does have a tendency to fall back into weak straightness!

The Finished Wedding Day Look

Ollie and Jen Wedding-159

There we have it, the finished wedding day look – cheesily happy grin and all. It really was the happiest day and all I could have asked for. I loved every moment of it – from running around all morning in my PJs to getting ready with the girls and my sister, my mum helping me into my dress and my Dad walking me down the aisle. Marrying my best friend surrounded by all my favourite people and celebrating until my dancing feet gave up.

I love that so many of these special moments have been captured in the beautiful photos by Katherine Ashdown and her lovely assistant Heather. So many thanks to Katherine for taking such lovely photos of our day.

I’ll have one more post coming soon about the things I learnt whilst planning a wedding. One I need to think about quite a bit but hopefully when I get those thoughts down they might be useful!

Photo by Katherine Ashdown.

*Indicates PR sample or gift



  1. March 29, 2015 / 6:58 pm

    Aw I absolutely adore weddings, I so hope I get married one day. You look so beautiful! Charlotte Tilbury makeup looks so nice, I have so many things on a wishlist haha. I love your idea of mixing your own fragrance for the day so you remember it being a special memory, and bringing it round again on your anniversaries! x

  2. March 29, 2015 / 7:42 pm

    I did my own hair and makeup for my wedding too, partly because of budget and partly because I’m too much of a control freak about my makeup lol, I didn’t want to worry about anyone else getting it wrong so I just had a practise myself then shut myself away for an hour away from the fussing on the day, which was actually a chance to relax. I put my heated rollers in then did my makeup while they cooled. I did a half up half down style with slight backcombing at the roots to give a little more volume and making sure the sides of my tiara were covered by pulling some pieces of hair back over them. I got a few compliments on my hair and makeup and I couldn’t have been happier with how it turned out, Em x

    • March 29, 2015 / 7:43 pm

      p.s. you look lovely 🙂 x

  3. March 29, 2015 / 10:42 pm

    You look beautiful! And I love that you’ll layer your fragrances for your anniversary – such a lovely idea!

    I got engaged in December, and I can’t wait until we start planning our Wedding; I’ve been really enjoying reading your posts and am definitely looking forward to your next! I’ve read a few blogs where people have done their own Wedding make up – it’s definitely something I’d consider! But I’d have to go round a few counters to see which products work best for me, and maybe have a bit of a spend on some treats 🙂

    When my Mum got married, there was no way she could have fit a relaxing bath in in the morning! She wasn’t getting married until half one, but I remember we all had to be at the hairdressers for half eight, and somehow the morning just flew by!


  4. March 30, 2015 / 8:51 am

    Lovely blog to read having my morning coffee. I’m now off to look at Charlotte tilbury 🙂 so impressed you got the time to take photos for your blog on your wedding day morning xx

  5. March 30, 2015 / 11:41 am

    Ahhh I absolutely loved reading about your morning preparation!
    I too planned to have a lovely relaxing soak in the tub but after time just seemed to evaporate before my eyes resorted to a quick 5 minutes in the shower! I also did the Jo Malone bridal appointment and chose Dark Amber & Ginger Lily teamed with Peony & Blush Suede, now a few months on the scent transports me straight back to the day and how wonderful I felt!
    Thank you for sharing! x

  6. April 7, 2015 / 1:59 pm

    What beautiful pictures and a great share post for such a special event for you. I hope the day was everything you wished for. I really like the idea of having a special scent for the day – something that i might consider myself!!! 🙂 Great blog and I will definitely be following 🙂

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