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I’ve always been a big believer in the link between fragrance and memories. Many a time I’ve had that one sniff of something and your head takes you flying back to a moment or time in your past – there’s on fragrance my boyfriend wears that always reminds me of him. There’s a melon scented body lotion that reminds me of my time at Louisiana State University, and Emporio Armani She always reminds me of nights out at Uni. I try and take a new fragrance on each holiday and then it always reminds me of that holiday going forward. So when it comes to my wedding day (which still feels a bit surreal to say to be honest!) I knew I wanted something really special, and really memorable. Jo Malone is very much a constant feature in my fragrance wardrobe, more often than not being the one I reach for day to day – my current daily love has gone back to the Blackberry and Bay scent, but generally rotates between that, Pomegranate Noir and Earl Grey and Cucumber. Three of my all time favourite scents. What is a lesser known fact is that beyond the simple selling of gorgeous fragrances – Jo Malone boutiques and counters offer fragrance combining consultations – to help you customise your own personalised scent through mixing Colognes or through layering the various scent products they offer – across both body and home.

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So I ventured down to the rather gorgeous Sloane Square Boutique to have a specifically bridal consultation. And it really was such a lovely experience – one of those moments where I was allowed to get really excited about the day and being a bride! I sat at the Tasting Bar and discussed my own fragrance preferences, any details about the wedding that might be relevant – what flowers we would be having etc. As of course there could be the chance to pick up the scent of the flowers in the perfume choice. I talked with Ruby – the fantastic fragrance stylist about the various scents I love from Jo Malone and then we picked out a few to try layering. It really is a fascinating process to see how much a scent changes when layered – and how complimentary some can be. Plus it’s amazing how much the Stylists know about the notes and fragrances and what works and what might not. If you’re even a little bit of a fragrance fan then you will find it fascinating.

Through the process we narrowed it down to a few definite favourites – my long time love of Earl Grey and Cucumber, along with White Jasmine and Mint – which is a permanent scent in the collection but only one I’d experienced for the first time as part of the London Rain Collection. It was one of those fragrances that once I had smelt it – I just couldn’t forget it. It was definitely one I kept going back to – much like Pomegranate Noir, it was one I just wanted to sniff over and over again.

Then there was the addition of the Orange Blossom scent – probably not one that grabs my attention on name alone. But on the skin, it does smell gorgeous – like Summer holidays somewhere in Southern Europe. Warm, fruity, summery and fresh all at the same time. My favourite thing about the Orange Blossom scent though is that it has some meaning behind it that feels like the perfect fit for a wedding scent. It has long been a traditional flower and scent for brides – with Queen Victoria having Orange Blossom in her bouquet when she married Prince Albert and Princess Katherine for her wedding to Prince William. The flowers are thought to symbolise innocence, purity and fertility… so very typically ‘bridal’ type of virtues.

Then there was a lovely bit of pampering – with a hand scrub (with the AMAZING Vitamin E Scrub – seriously, your skin feels amazing with that alone). Then a process of layering the different scents – using the Orange Blossom Body Creme on the hands and forearms, then a spritz of the Earl Grey and Cucumber on one side and the White Jasmine and Mint on the other so I could see how they worked on the skin and which one felt like the right fit for me.

I’m actually not going to tell you which of the two fragrances I went for in the end – I will save this for either nearer to the day, or even a post-wedding update. But I will say I went for the layering approach – going away with the gorgeous Orange Blossom Body Creme – which I have in front of me as I type and just can’t resist taking a good lung-full of it. It’s seriously delicious. Plus the Cologne of either White Jasmine and Mint…or Earl Grey and Cucumber! That’s what I narrowed it down to.

The best bit about it is that once you have your customised choice of scents – you can wear them each individually – or you can layer them. With one of the ideas being that you can wear the scent as your day to day, but then for anniversaries or other special occasions wear the layered combination to bring back all those big day happy memories in a flash. I’ve also promised myself that I won’t wear the combination of scents until the day… as tempting as it is, as they really do smell amazing together (although I have slightly cheated as have applied them now as a little reminder of the scent for this post – but the best part being that smelling them together again gets me all excited for the day!).

As I mentioned above, the service isn’t limited to just the personal scents – you can extend into home. If we weren’t having a Summer wedding I would definitely consider looking at using the Orange Blossom candles on tables to scent and decorate. Basically because I’m a total sucker for candles.

If you’re getting married – or perhaps just want a special fragrance – for everyday as a ‘signature’ or for another special occasion. I would really recommend making the most of the service in the Jo Malone boutiques and counters. There’s no charge, it’s wonderfully pampering and at the end you can potentially go away with a custom scent combination that’s unique to you.

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  1. May 8, 2014 / 9:59 am

    What a great idea making a signature fragrance for your wedding day!!
    I’m recently engaged so I’ll keep this in mind!!
    xo Holly xo


  2. May 8, 2014 / 11:53 am

    Oh I love Jo Malone! This is defo something I’d like to do when the time comes 🙂 I switch between pomegranate noir & English pear & freesia 🙂

    Dusk darling style

  3. August 20, 2014 / 3:20 pm

    I’m planning to do this myself – loved the service I have had from the Jo Malone staff in the past. I really want something special for my wedding next year. I was given a sample of the Peony and Blush Suede scent a few weeks ago – so divine!

    • Jen
      August 20, 2014 / 4:08 pm

      I think it’s really lovely to have something special for your wedding day – scent is such an emotional thing and brings back so many memories! I can’t wait to use my wedding combo on the day!

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