Jo Malone London Rain Collection

I feel almost wrong for just talking about London and rain – yes, London and the UK has rubbish weather. Pretty much without fail. So rain is synonymous with London – the dreary grey drizzle and iconic umbrella are all pretty much the city’s trademarks. So it makes total sense for the Jo Malone London Rain collection * to come from such a traditionally British brand.

jo malone london rain Jo Malone London Rain

The collection has four fragrances within it, each it really modern looking and distinctive colour bottles – a departure from the usual cream and black of the Jo Malone brand, but a slight breakaway they’ve been making with a few of the Limited Edition collections over the past few years. The four scents in the collection include: Rain and Angelica, Wisteria and Violet, White Jasmine and Mint and Black Cedarwood and Juniper.

Each scent manages to capture a slightly different ‘type’ of rain – city rain, a light shower, an afternoon cloudburst or an evening downpour as ‘dusk descents into night’. The four scents all feel totally unique, but with something in there that’s similar and connects them all. There’s something both fresh and earthy to be found in each of them – plus a variant for the different fragrance families.

If you like florals, then the Wisteria and Violet version will be for you – personally, it’s my least favourite of the bunch as I just found it to be too heavily floral scented personally. If you like a fresh fragrance then this Rain and Angelica will be a good fit – it’s a fresh combination of angelica and lime with vetiver in there to keep it fresh like a cold splash of water to the face.

Then there’s the more ‘sexy’ darket fragrance of Black Cedarwood and Juniper – this is the one that I found quite intoxicating at the launch event. The one I wanted to go back and sniff again. I am a sucker for an earth scent. Then there’s the White Jasmine and Mint version – I have a new found love of Jasmine fragrances (courtesy of this scent) and also really like mint, so combine these and I’m in fragrance heaven. This is an absolute beauty and one I’m considering picking up as the scent for my wedding day – it’s unique and memorable, but fairly universal and not overpowering. The sort of scent I can imagine bringing back memories in one sniff – which is exactly what I’m looking for.

As always with fragrance, it’s worth taking a sniff at a counter to see which one grabs you by the nose (in a good way) in person. For me, I actually really like three out of the four here – with only the Wisteria and Violet being the one I’d pass on. Plus the bottles and their ombre-colour dip design look stunning. On a purely shallow bottle-based decision, this blue one – Rain and Angelica is my favourite.

Jo Malone London Rain * is available now from John Lewis (£82/100ml)



  1. February 24, 2014 / 8:27 am

    This sounds so beautiful! You can’t go wrong with Jo Malone, I need to try this x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  2. February 24, 2014 / 12:23 pm

    Oooooh these sound fantastic. I love Jo Malone Roses. I feel it’s such a true scent so may have to go and sniff these.

    • Jen
      February 24, 2014 / 2:45 pm

      Definitely should, I’m very. very. tempted by the Jasmine and Mint one too. So nice.

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