Aerin Ikat Jasmine

I’ve expressed my love for the gorgeous Aerin products in the past, but this is a new offering from the Estee Lauder ‘spin off’ brand – this is one of the new fragrance range ‘Aerin Ikat Jasmine * ‘. I’ll be honest and say Jasmine isn’t my thing at all, and when I opened this package I didn’t have high hopes for liking it. But, I can happily say that this is the fragrance that changed how I feel about Jasmine. aerin ikat jasmineaerin ikat jasmine

Jasmine is a typically heavy, quite intense floral scent – quite heady. So it does tend to be a love or hate one, and previously I just didn’t like it one bit. But somehow, this one just gets it so right. It’s heavy and sexy but has a gorgeous dry down that is much softer – I want to say there’s something powdery or musky in there that is sort of toning it down, bringing the Jasmine back to Earth a little. But I’m no fragrance expert at all. All I know is that it’s a jasmine-centric fragrance and I like it. The lesson this one taught me was about how very subjective fragrance is – and how you maybe should give types and notes and scents you otherwise think you don’t like a go from time to time. You never know, you just might discover a beauty like this one!

This is the one and only fragrance that is kept in pride of place on my desk too – thanks to the pretty stone-topped bottle and neat bottle style. I need to pay a visit to the Aerin counter and check out the other scents at some point as this one is a beauty.

Aerin Ikat Jasmine * is available from John Lewis (£85)



  1. February 22, 2014 / 10:49 am

    I do like jasmine, but usually I like quite heavy and alluring scents (amber, patchouli) and I always imagine jasmine scents to be very light and florally, but I like that you say this is heavy and sexy. Definitely worth having a spray next time I’m in John Lewis.
    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

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