MAC Lipstick Pop Up at Selfridges

Unless you have been hiding under the internet’s equivalent of a rock, you have most likely heard about the Selfridges Beauty Project that is currently going on. The Beauty Project is a six week campaign all around beauty, concepts of it and debates around the topic. In stores across the UK there are various events, panels, debates and tutorials going on. Online you can read more about the Hello Beautiful campaign – with eight un-retouched photos of individuals who have been selected to represent and discuss their own different definitions of beauty and what it means to them – take a look at the full campaign and see what you think of it here: The Beauty Project. But now, let’s talk about the MAC Lipstick Pop Up at Selfridges…

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L-R: Chatterbox, Peach Blossom, Patisserie, Pure Zen

If you’re a fan of lipstick – this pop up may make you go a little weak at the knees. The stand, in the high street fashion area of Selfridges Oxford Street features three giant mac lipsticks, each of which are stocked with shelf upon shelf of MAC lipstick shades. A whopping total of 176 shades. Yes, that’s right – 176 shades of MAC lipstick – and these are all permanent ones, not those from limited edition collections. It does include the Rhianna and Viva Glam colours, along with all the core permanent shades. Basically, if you can’t find a shade in there that you adore – then you’re probably not going to find it.

When I tend to have the chance for an MUA to apply lipstick for me, I usually opt for the brighter shades that perhaps need a little more precise application. But this time I felt myself leaning towards checking out the more nude shades on offer. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in pretty much constantly having a bit of a MAC wishlist of products permanently on the go, at the moment – all of mine were lipsticks and about 90% influenced by shade recommendations I’d seen or heard from other bloggers.

So I started by checking out the shades and found myself constantly drawn to one colour – which was already on my wish list. This was Peach Blossom. It’s a gorgeous peachy coral shade, with a happy balance between warmer pink and cooler nude. Then I also picked up Chatterbox – a shade I’ve wanted to add to the collection mostly for the name for ages – but actually wearing it, I loved it. A bright pink that manages to add a pop of colour – but without being a full-on statement lip in the same way that something like MAC Candy Yum Yum – an insanely bright pink that I adore, but is definitely in statement lip territory.

Then, the lovely MAC Artist selected a couple of other shades based on the two I’d chosen and my colouring that she thought I might like and low and behold she selected two already on my wish-list radar – Pure Zen and Patisserie. Patisserie was the biggest surprise to be honest, as whilst I had it on my ‘must check out’ list, when I saw it in person I wasn’t convinced it would suit me. But it was actually really nice – a warmer version of the nude – so the sort that makes your lips just have a bit more natural colour. It sits in a happy middle ground between a brown-nude shade (a little bit 90’s) and a warmer pinky/rose shade (flattering) and a really lovely shade. It’s now a really tough choice between the four as to which is my favourite… I think Peach Blossom still leads the way, but it’s a difficult call to make. The only shade on my list I forgot to check out was Ravishing… there’s always one reason to make me go back again!

The MAC Lipstick pop up will be in store until the 14th May, so if you love lipstick I suggest you pay it a visit – if only to gasp in awe at so many lipstick shades in one place! But ask the artists to help you select one that works for you (a great chance to find your perfect red FYI).

MAC available online at Selfridges. The MAC Lipstick Pop-Up will be in Selfridges London until May 14th.




    • Jen
      May 9, 2014 / 9:42 am

      I know, what is it about MAC lipstick that’s so irresistible? I think it might just be that they have every shade under the sun!

  1. Vicki
    May 9, 2014 / 11:19 am

    I want to wheel that giant lipstick right on out of there – it would be amazing in my house. Although I currently only have 2 Mac lipsticks. I haven’t visited Mac for a while & think its high time I did something about that. A visit is on the cards

  2. May 10, 2014 / 12:09 am

    I really want to take a little trip to Selfridges to experience this, it looks so exciting, and who can’t resist a cheeky MAC splurge!

  3. May 10, 2014 / 5:22 am

    I love the set up of the lipsticks on the lipstick shaped stand!
    It also would make it a lot more accessible ours are quite difficult to get to here in Australia and if there is a crowd forget it!
    Great post!
    It’s my dream to go to Selfridges hopefully soon I will be able to!
    xo Holly xo


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