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It’s no shock that I’m a bit of a girly girl. I have a blog that’s mostly about beauty… I have a bulging wardrobe (yet never anything to wear) I loose all sense of perspective when it comes to a Mulberry sample sale and consistently have around five different lip products in my bag at any one time. So the fact that a gorgeous bunch of flowers and a selection of pampering products makes me happy isn’t exactly a revolutionary announcement!

debenhams flowers

After all, what girl doesn’t love this combination? Gorgeous pink and peach roses plus an ultimate selection of pampering goodies from The Sanctuary to lock yourself away in the bathroom with and emerge feeling like the softest/smoothest version of yourself possible. It’s pretty much a no-fail combo.

As much as I am a girly girl, chocolate has never been my main love (a bag of crisps or poppadoms on the other hand…a whole different story) but the flowers and chocolate combo isn’t the ultimate way to wow me. But beauty products plus flowers? Yes please!

This little set came from Debenhams Flowers – there’s a whole range of beauty set options that you can pick and choose the most appropriate (ones for new mums etc) – this is the Weekend Essentials Kit which was ideal. The flowers arrived on a Saturday, meaning I could enjoy them for the weekend (and beyond) and also make the most of having some extra time for pampering goodness!

These make a lovely little extra gift – prices start from £25.99

Available from: Debenhams Flowers

Provided as PR sample.


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