Venus & Olay Challenge

Ok, so I’m officially TERRIBLE at all things crafty. I loved the idea of this challenge – to customise a pair of denim shorts to be judged by Whitney Port (from The Hills/The City) and the new face/legs for the Olay/Venus razor… I had all these great ideas and was all ready to go. Then promptly realised that my crafty abilities and my imagination are not *quite* on the same page. As you will see shortly….

But there we go. To introduce this – the challenge was set all around the new Olay/Venus hybrid razor – which brings together the de-fuzzing goodness of Venus and the skin softening loveliness of Olay.

venus and olay challenge

I know… creative ‘jean’-ius right… comedian too.

So yeah… when it comes to clothes I am a big fan of keeping it simple. I have never met a striped t-shirt or a grey slouchy top that I haven’t loved. So when it comes to denim shorts, my ultimate outfit would be shorts, long sleeved stripe top, chunky gold MK watch, sunnies and converse. Simple, but just how i like it.

So I didn’t want to be distracted by all the opportunities for bling (easily done, I do have magpie tendencies) and keep things simple. So the plan was to just add a touch of subtle detailing, to make it personalised…much like Venus has added the little subtle but effective difference to it’s razors with Olay (see what I did there…!).

I would then use some of the other gold items that were part of the customisation kit as accessories to pull the gold details all together.

But of course, the vision I had in my head and what my hands managed in real life were two different things. I also started to get very frustrated with the gold thread which decided to have a mind of it’s own and managed to tie knots in itself when I wasn’t looking…

But here we have my attempt at a little creativity! I think I’ll be sticking to playing with photography and blogging as my creative outlet rather than fashion design going forward!

Products show (shorts/razor/customising items) provided by Venus & Olay


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