Burger & Lobster, Farringdon

A few weeks ago I made my first little visit to Burger & Lobster with the girls. Seems like time whizzes past but we try our very best to all get together at least once a month for dinner – aiming to try somewhere new in the city each time (we already have a huge list of places we want to try but any new suggestions very welcome!). On the list for our recent one was Burger & Lobster – so we booked a table and headed over to indulge in some burger and lobster based deliciousness.

We had a table booked, which I would recommend unless you like to wait for a while – having said that, the Farringdon branch wasn’t too bad at all in terms of being busy, the tables did all look full but we headed straight in to sit down and check out the menu. The menu is, as the name suggest – a selection of Lobster or Burger options – with the various sizes on the board or the option of the lobster in brioche (lobster roll), where it’s all de-shelled and prepared for you so you can tuck in immediately. Between the five of us we went for various options, with my friend Kate and I sharing – one of us ordered burger, the other lobster so we could go half and half. Genuinely embracing the idea of burger AND lobster.

I should also mention the cocktail menu – where the number of food options are small but perfectly formed, the cocktail list makes up for it with a huge selection of options. We ordered a few between us and have to say after enjoying mine (plus tasting sips of each others…just to check what to order next!) I would recommend the Chase the Devil – it’s got a kick to it, but it’s delicious!

burger and lobster


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Overall, the burger was good – very tasty, but not really worth a whole £20 in my opinion. You can get one just as tasty at Byron Burger or most of the other Gourmet-burger type of places around the city. The lobster on the other hand was really delicious, I would happily go back and order a whole Lobster Roll to myself – it does come cold, as a little heads up as it’s mixed in with a creamy cool sauce. But it works. The alternative is to don the bib and go for it with the claws and lobster option. I do love lobster and I’m not too squeamish to de-shell, but sometimes a girl is just hungry and doesn’t want to be messing around with tools and shells before she can eat…

The atmosphere at the Farringdon branch is lively but not pretentious – the waiters are friendly and helpful but not in your face. The tables aren’t crammed in too tight either, there’s a couple of places around London that I love but not as much as I would if I could eat there without a stranger basically sitting on my lap. This is not one of them, tables are busy but still feel private enough for a good girly gossip!

Definitely a fun place to eat, but my suggestion – stick to the lobster in terms of novelty and value for money!

Burger & Lobster has branches across London (Mayfair, Farringdon, Soho and City)



  1. Rachel
    November 2, 2013 / 3:15 pm

    This place is on my list of places to visit as well as Byron Burger xx

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. November 2, 2013 / 4:27 pm

    I really want to go here, although I do admit the burger looks pretty standard and not worth £20! The lobster however looks incredible… this is definitely on my list.

  3. November 3, 2013 / 1:10 pm

    this had my mouth watering! We don’t have good lobster where I live 🙁

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