Interview: Marloes Horst, face of DKNY Be Delicious Skin

Back in October (seriously, where has this year gone!?) I had an amazing opportunity to visit Amsterdam with DKNY – I did blog about it at the time, but I’ve only just gotten around to blogging about the interview with the gorgeous Marloes Horst – the new face of the campaign and general all round stunner. Read on to find out her tips for the perfect New York day, what she’s learnt about beauty as a model and her favourite places in the world…

marloes horst DKNY

Marloes Horst DKNY

As a NY resident for a few years, tell us about what would your dream day in New York be like:

“Well I have a dog, so I’d bring her to the park in the morning. I’m a morning person so I love taking her out and love taking a walk along the river. I hang out a lot in Union Square, there’s a Barnes and Noble that I can spend ages in, then there’s Max Brenner for hot chocolate. Everything I love is right around that area.

When it comes to beauty, what three essentials do you always have in your handbag?

Obviously Be Delicious! The products I’m obsessed with are all about moisturising, I think it’s the most important thing you can do – so now next to the fresh scent, you also have the moisturisation and the radiance and the softness all in one bottle. I always carry lip balm, always want to keep them moisturiser as I fly a lot and the air pressure leaves them dry and dehydrated. I never leave the house without mascara!

Aside from the DKNY Fragrance, which you obviously love- what sort of notes do you like in perfumes?

I like to change it up, and go with how I feel. In the day I like floral, happy soft fragrances then in the evening I like the muskier, mysterious, sensual – fragrances – I think a fragrance speaks for how you feel so you can’t wear the same fragrance all day long.

What’s your favourite way to use the new DKNY Be Delicious Skin Fragrance?

You can use it every day, I take it on the go with me as it’s perfect for being busy. It’s nice to treat yourself to a beautiful mist after a refreshing shower. It’s so much easier than taking multiple products on the go.

What’s the number one trick you have learnt from hair and beauty artists as a professional model?

Keeping it pretty natural and playing up my own features, I love the natural look. But what have I learnt…I’m still really bad at hair! But the main thing I’ve learnt is how to shape the eyebrows as a tricky thing to do – it’s a really fine line to get the right shape and colour.

In your modelling career, what’s the most bizarre job you have done?

I just worked with an elephant – obviously you see them in the zoo but you never get to experience them like this. They’re SO smart, it’s ridiculous – just a small hand gesture and they know to move a little to the left! It was really interesting to be with such a massive, strong animal but they’re like a little puppy dog! So it was very cool to shoot with the elephant, an amazing opportunity.

You get to travel a lot, is there one place that really stood out?

I’ve been to so many beaches, they do all sort of blur into each other – but the one that really mesmerized me is the Maldives. Every resort is like it’s own island, it was absolutely breathtaking.

Which models or people inspire you – who do you look up to?

When I started out Lara Stone was one of the big Dutch models that I always looked up to, and she did the DKNY campaign before me – big shoes to fill and I’ve always loved her! I’ve always loved Natalya Vodianova, I always loved her look, such a natural beauty – she’s just gorgeous!

Have you got beauty rules that you stick to? (and do you ever break them!)

That’s my biggest thing, which I’ve learnt over the years – is you have to take care of your skin and not just for the make-up but to clean off the dirty air you’re surrounded by all day! It’s the thing I’m most obsessed with, I have to cleanse my face and always wash again in the morning. No matter how tired or drunk I am I always cleanse my face!

Thank you to DKNY for taking me on such a fun whistle-stop trip to the ‘Dam to meet the lovely Marloes and learn more about the newest member of the DKNY Be Delicious fragrance family with it’s new skin-radiance benefits.

I was a guest of DKNY on this trip for the launch of DKNY Be Delicious Skin.


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