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Is there a more exciting time in a girls life than that of a new handbag? The rush of the purchase, the excitement at all the new neatness of an empty bag – just ready to be filled with the wonderfully unnecessary stuff that us girls lug around day to day? The first wear… ah, I do love a new handbag. I firmly believe in handbags as investment items – as if you buy well, they will last and you can never be too big or small to use a handbag.

Which brings me on to my latest purchase, this beautiful bright pink arm-candy, the purchase of which all happened in a bit of a whirlwind. I was just casually wandering the floors of the newly refreshed Debenhams store on Oxford Street (which has made such a difference FYI – so much brighter and more modern feeling – the beauty hall looks especially lovely). Then, just as I had made my way down the escalators to the ground floor preparing to leave – this baby stopped me in my tracks.

the new handbag IMG_8273 IMG_8276 IMG_8278

It was quite literally, love at first sight. It was obviously the colour that did it for me. Whist I generally do tend to stick to more classic shades when it comes to bags (tans and blacks mostly), I have had a hankering for a bright pink number for some time and this one just nailed that exact shade of bright pink I was looking for. It’s the MAC Rihanna Xmas lipstick ‘Pleasurebomb’ in bag form – a bright shade, but also quite rich at the same time. The bag itself is big and roomy, and simple in design. If a little bit Birkin-esque. Which is in some ways the only downside as I don’t really like bags that look like knock-offs of others, but as this one is a classic feeling tote design, I’m ok with it.

It’s from the J by Jasper Conran collection and is real leather. The top opening has a zip to secure it shut, but also a magnetic closing – which I think is a really nice touch as holds the opening together, even if you haven’t gone as far as using the zip. Inside is pretty simple, just a zip pocked on one side and a couple of pouches on the other. It’s really roomy and fits a lot of stuff in there.

The leather feels really good too, I’m no leather expert by any means – but it feels soft and buttery, and smooth. But quite thick and hard-wearing. On my first use I did make the small mistake of not spraying it with water protection spray and I did get caught in the rain – but it dried just fine and the few spots that caught it don’t show at all. But I will be spraying it before I take it out for a run again.

In terms of styling it, or what I’d wear it with. In terms of my wardrobe it goes with a lot. My go-to outfits are jeans with either bretton stripe or slouchy grey tops – both of which would work perfectly with a pop of bright pink colour.

Now, I do have to add – that normally I’m a bit of a die-hard Mulberry girl. Yes, they’re expensive – but I adore them and all of the ones I have are in regular rotation (apart from maybe my Tillie, as that’s a slightly more delicate leather finish so I’m a bit more cautious about taking that one out) and will last me a lifetime. But on feeling the softness of the leather, this felt comparable in terms of quality. At £150 it isn’t a cheap bag, by any means – but it is significantly more affordable than a Mulberry purchase (which are never made on such an impulse – with the exception of at Sample Sales). Overall, what I’m trying to say is that this is a fabulous bag and great quality – especially for the price.

J by Jasper Conran bag from Debenhams (£150) – available in other colours online, including black.



  1. February 16, 2014 / 9:29 pm

    I love that you got a bright pink color! I feel like it will add such an interesting pop to so many outfits. (I don’t really point out typos but in the second paragraph, the “u” in shut is an “i” haha)
    So cute!
    Lovely Notions

    • Jen
      February 16, 2014 / 10:06 pm

      That has to be the best typo I’ve made -thank you for the heads up 🙂

  2. February 17, 2014 / 11:32 am

    Love the colour of this bag. Its really beautiful.

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