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Shower gel or body wash may not seem like the most exciting of beauty products – but sometimes it’s those little things like a nicely scented shower gel that leaves your skin feeling that little bit softer than before that can make a dreary Monday a bit brighter. The power of a nice smell can’t be underestimated – it can wake you up, or help send you to sleep or anything in between. Which is why with seven different variations of the new Imperial Leather Foamburst Bodywash range, it was a tough call on which to try and which would be my favourite…

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The seven new scents are: Spicy Ginger and Orange, Sweet Vanilla and Cherry Blossom, Bracing Bergamot and Sea Minerals, Uplifting Lime and Grapefrutit, Rebalancing Green Tea and Jasmine, Bewitching Blackberry and Wild Fig, and Moisturising Honey and Almond Milk.

It was a tough call when given the option of which to try so I went for two – the Moisturising Honey and Almond Milk and the Bewitching Blackberry and Wild Fig. Basically rationalising that one was for the scent and one was for the moisturising properties. I think my rationale was pretty good on this front as the Blackberry and Fig version really does smell delicious – fruity and sweet, but still fresh. Think Jo Malone Blackberry and  Bay, but in shower gel form. Delicious.

Then there’s the Honey and Almond Milk version  – this also smells good, but more subtle than the Blackberry and Fig. It feels really rich and creamy to use and my skin does feel softer with this one, where the Blackberry and Fig is a fresher/cleaner feeling. I do find my dry skin does still need a slather of moisturiser, but when it’s feeling especially dry this Honey and Almond milk is the one I’ll go for over the fruity one.

The best thing about these types of shower gel is how much and how quickly they foam – a really small amount is needed (which takes a bit of practice as the dispenser/pump shoots out more than you really need. As one small pump creates a huge amount of foam and lather – enough for all over and then some.

At just £2.99 a bottle – it’s a bit of a bargain, especially as each one can give you over 40 washes. That’s a lot of foaming fun. Also, the foam does bring out the big kid in you – it’s very tempting to squirt out far too much and cover yourself head to toe in it… maybe that’s just me…

Either way, these little foamy bottles of goodness are welcome additions to my morning routine. Plus… as an added bonus, each scent in the new range comes with it’s own added ‘genie’ – check out Brennus, the rather buff genie for the Blackberry and Fig version…you’re welcome.

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