Wedding make-up: Bobbi Brown

Wedding make-up: Bobbi Brown

I don’t know about you, but when I think bridal beauty – I think Bobbi Brown. As the brand that champions the beauty in each person – and make-up being there to just enhance what you naturally have. It makes sense that on the wedding day when most brides want to look like the best version of themselves – Bobbi Brown goes hand in hand with this. It was actually way back last year that I got the ‘Bobbi Brown Bridal Experience’ at Brides The Show along with fellow blogger bride-to-be, Milly and lover of all things wedding related, Zoe. But this week I decided it was time to have a play with the products that were used to create my look when at Brides The Show – attempting to re-create it myself…

Wedding make-up: Bobbi Brown
Wedding make-up: Bobbi Brown Wedding make-up: Bobbi Brown

At Brides The Show my make-up artist talked through with me what I was going for look-wise, and to be honest beyond ‘I want to look pretty’ I hadn’t really analysed what sort of look I wanted. I assumed I’d go for something peachy, perhaps with a bit of a bronze/gold eye. The look selected for me was based on the criteria of two things – a natural look, but with the eyes as the main focus and long-lasting – to avoid the need for touch-ups (but making them easy to do if needed).

It wasn’t just make-up they covered though, it was the importance of the prep – as someone with dehydrated skin, this is pretty vital. Especially if I want the make-up to stay looking fresh all day long. Especially around my problem area of the eyes – where I tend to get the worst signs of dehydration and they show in the form of lines – especially when I’m smiling a lot…which I anticipate will be the case on the big day!

So the potential bridal look started with a trio of hydrating prep products – the hydrating face tonic (feels amazing, hoping for a hot day in August and this will be a God-send), then the Hydrating Face Cream and the Hydrating Eye Cream. Both of these also feel great on the skin and are prefect for wedding photography as they don’t have SPF. Now, as we’re hoping to have an outdoor Summer wedding I will want to add some SPF in there somewhere – but in terms of typical wedding make-up, photography wise – no SPF flash-back is a good thing.

Wedding make-up: Bobbi Brown

The base was a bit of a surprise to me actually as the artist chose the Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick – it’s been a LONG time since I’ve used or considered using a foundation stick as for some reason I have associations of them being heavy and a bit on the cakey side. But, as the MUA pointed out – they’re actually great for on the go touch ups as you can cart around with you easily. When she applied it I liked it, when I did it myself I was actually surprised how easy it was to get a natural and even finish. I used a foundation brush to apply and just applied fine layers, buffing each one in and allowing it to sit on the skin a bit before I applied anything else. Definitely opened my eyes to alternative foundation choices. To conceal and finish off the ‘perfected’ and ‘camera ready’ bridal look the classic Bobbi Brown Corrector and Concealer were used – with the corrector in the shade Light Bisque and the Concealer in Beige (with a touch of the Pale Yellow Sheer Finish Pressed Powder under the eyes and on the lid to set).

Then for colour – the overall look from Brides The Show was a naturally smokey eye – using matte shades, with a flush of pink to the cheek and a natural lip. For the shadow I started with a base of the Long Wear Cream Shadow Stick in Vanilla to create a longer lasting base, then a trio of matte shades to create a natural smokey eye- ‘Bone 2’ as the all over base (a matte beige), ‘Taupe 4’ on the lid to the crease (a matte warm brown…not really taupe at all in my opinion) then a touch of  ‘Smoke 24’ along the lashline to add some depth – topped off with a bit of Espresso Ink Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner. I also used a little of ‘Taupe 4’ on the lower lash line. I really like the warmth this shade adds – as it’s quite warm I feel it works well with my blue eyes. For the brows I simply filled in with ‘Cement 29’ shadow – my favourite eyebrow shade.  This was all topped off with a couple of coats of the awesome Smokey Lash mascara…although on the day I’d potentially lean towards a waterproof one…just in case of tears! Wedding make-up: Bobbi Brown Wedding make-up: Bobbi Brown

The finishing touches came in the form of a flush of colour with Peony blush – one of my all time favourite blusher shades. It’s a gorgeous bright pink that really lifts the face. Then there was a touch of bronzer in the shade Golden Light to add a bit of warmth and a hint of a contour… I’m no contouring expert after all. Finally finished with a pat of the Sheer Finish Pressed Powder in Pale Yellow to set and make it last.

The lips – one of my favourite bits of the overall look used Pale Pink Lipstick – which is more of a warm rosey shade, very much a ‘my lips but better’ one. Topped off with Glitter Lip Gloss…yes really, an no I haven’t regressed to my 12 year old self. I’m not a glitter fan – but for bridal make-up I can totally see how glitter works for the photos as it catches the light, especially combined in a gloss to make lips look fuller. Not sure how the other half would feel for the whole ‘you may now kiss the bride’ moment with glitter gloss though!

Re-creating this look with my wedding in mind made me really think about the day – and as much as I’m happy doing my own make-up, I am now really leaning towards trying to find a make-up (and hair…) artist to help me out. Just thinking that nerves or excitement and make-up are a bit of a recipe for disaster and I think I would really appreciate the professional touch. It wasn’t something I originally planned to have – but the closer it gets, the more I think I want that helping hand on the day. Overall, I do really like this Bobbi Brown look but there are a few things I would tweak – I’d probably add a touch of gold or shimmer to the eye look and would perhaps skin the gloss – I love the effect, but not sure it would feel right on the day. Perhaps maybe just use a gloss for the posed photo bit. Other than those tiny tweaks – I’m happy with it as it feels like me, but that bit better!

What do you think of this look – and what do you think of the do your own vs make-up artist options for a wedding? If you have any recommendations for Norfolk based make-up artists I’d love to hear them!

All above mentioned Bobbi Brown products * available from Debenhams



  1. May 15, 2014 / 7:24 pm

    The idea of choosing the perfect makeup for your big day scares the hell out of me! What if I cried? Will it last past the speeches? Will I look too ‘made-up’? Or like I haven’t tried? If and when I get married I think my hair and makeup will be one of the toughest things to organise! haha


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