Imedeen Tan Optimizer: Update One

imedeen tan optimizer.jpgSo, I mentioned I recently went to Barcelona for a long weekend – and a few weeks ago you may remember me introducing you to the fact I had started taking Imedeen Tan Optimiser tablets in preparation (started around 5/6 weeks before Barcelona I think). Well, post long weekend it’s time for my first of the ‘check in’ posts to update on my thoughts so far.

The first thing I should mention is how it is pretty hard to truly judge how and what difference they’re making if any – mostly down to the other variables such as how strong the sun is, how long I’m out in it, how much and what factor and how well applied my suncream is (very important to note that wearing SPF is still absolutely vital when taking something like these Imedeen tablets – they’re not magic pills to prevent burning and never claim to be, but I imagine some maybe expect more than is realistic and may be tempted to skip the SPF).

So all that aside – let me give you a very brief run down of how my usual holiday/sun exposure ‘routine’ goes. Go on holiday, take lots of sun cream, apply and stay in shade, reach final day and realise I have no ‘colour’, apply low factor sun cream or don’t reapply enough, get burnt, regret it and tell myself if will never happen again… until the next year when I basically do exactly the same.

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I’m pretty sure this routine wont be one unique to me either. So with that in mind, heading to Barcelona on a hen do was probably going to mean days one and two being sensible – day three in a hungover/non tanned mess I throw caution to the wind and bask… Well, one thing I noted and yes, this may all be in my head , was that I didn’t feel the need to do the ‘bask/bake/burn’ bit – I felt quite comfortable and perhaps more aware of the importance of protecting my skin when in the sun, but also to just enjoy it. Over the whole weekend there was only one moment where I was concerned or aware of burning and that’s when I chose a sunny seat when we stopped for a Paella lunch on the beach front as I had my back to the sun and could feel it getting hotter and hotter so I used a napkin from the table to create a bit of shelter/shade for my arms.

What I did notice in terms of ‘results’ as such was that the freckles that normally take a good week in the sun to start popping up seemed to become more noticeable, more quickly – a small difference but one I certainly spotted very quickly. I also felt my skin wasn’t as dry and dehydrated post long weekend – which it often can be after flying/sunshine/sea etc. Throw in the late nights and the drinking of a hen party and I was expecting a skin condition disaster – but it certainly wasn’t that bad at all.

As I said above, it is hard to truly 100% say the things I’ve noticed are down to the Imedeen supplements as there are many other variables involved. But it would be a bit of a funny one if there wasn’t some sort of connection – and as such, my initial impressions are pretty good as how my skin held it together for a fairly intense weekend in the sun and I’m interest to see how it fares later in the year for honeymoon when I will be spending a longer time in the sun!

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