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Something a bit different today – a little interlude in the typically superficial pursuit of blogging about make-up to take something a tad more serious. It’s National Transplant Week from the 7th-13th July and to hopefully help to raise a little bit of awareness for this and the whole organ donor programme I wanted to get involved with the #spellitout campaign – which is aiming to highlight the importance of being clear with those closest to you about your wishes in relation to organ donation.

Whilst right now I am fortunate enough to have not been in a position to need any form of donor or transplant, nor have any of my nearest and dearest. But it’s still something I have long since felt is very important – I actually remember carrying an organ donor card when I was in my teens (not sure if I was technically old enough at the time) but basically from a young age I remember feeling that organ donation was something I wanted to do and was happy to support – and to be totally honest I find it had to see how and why anyone would object to it when it can change and even totally save another person’s life. But do respect that each person will very much have their own views – but if you personally do support the organ donor programme or are considering it, then read on.

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The key message though in the campaign is to SPELL IT OUT – if you support the Organ Donor programme and have chosen to sign up, then have that conversation with those closest to you as this conversation alone will help to relieve them of the burden of choice should the time come where they’re in a position of being asked of what your wishes were.

Right now just 45% of families agree to organ donation going ahead if they are unaware of their loved one’s decision to be a donor but this figure rises to 95% if they know the decision. Furthermore 82% of people would donate or would consider donating, but only 50% have talked about it with their families. So whether you choose to support the organ donor programme, or not – make sure you have that conversation and are signed up if you are in support – so you really are spelling it out and making it clear what you want should the time come.

As a blogger taking in part in this I am the ‘a’ in the ‘Spell it out’ blogger chain – where we are each given a letter to create a blogger chain of the letters of ‘I WANT TO BE AN ORGAN DONOR’ – quite literally, spelling it out. Next in the ‘chain’ is Deep In Mummy Matters so make sure to pay her a visit tomorrow for the next step in the chain and her post.

To find out more about National Transplant Week visit the National Transplant Week website or follow the twitter conversation




  1. July 4, 2014 / 8:34 pm

    Thank you so much for spreading the word about organ donation…I have a bad heart, and have had five heart surgeries. I may one day need a new heart, and its because of people like you spreading the word in such a cool, sensitive and creative way that perhaps others will feel inspired to sign up to be an organ donor!
    Keep on keepin’ on, and being beautiful in the process! Blessings on your beauty journey!
    Your blogging sister from across the pond,

    • Jen
      July 5, 2014 / 12:11 pm

      Thank you so much for the kind words and support. Wishing you all the best x

  2. July 12, 2014 / 12:17 am

    Hi, just popping back along the line to support others posts for such an important message x

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