Nails Inc Gel Effect AW 2014

So Nails Inc has had a bit of a make-over! I’m liking the new look square bottles – the new branding is modern and slick too. It looks good and in my opinion is just what the brand needed. A fresh look – they have a great product, but to see the shades being given away with magazines so often it maybe took something away from it. This new look puts it firmly back into ‘wish list’ category with lovely shades and good quality polishes. These four are four shades from the Nails Inc Gel Effect AW 2014 collection.
nails inc gel effect aw 2014 IMG_5042 IMG_5166


When it comes to nail colours, there are generally three shade families I gravitate towards – blues, turquoise and grey. With these four shades I tick two of those boxes at least plus the super dark shade of Grosvenor Crescent could pretty much fall into the blue as it’s basically a super dark navy… Then there’s the pink ‘Uptown’ (they must be running out of London themed names!). Now, I’m not really a pink sort of girl. But this shade is a nice muted pink – it’s the sort that perhaps on it’s own would look a bit old fashioned, but when sat next to the grey I love it. Pink and grey is a colour combination I really like so this brings the shade to life for me  – the fact it’s a bit grey/muddy pink makes me like it. I could see these two shades being used together either as accents or in a two colour nail art look.

The blue ‘Old Bond Street’ is a lovely rich sort of indigo blue shade – and probably my favourite of the bunch. As I sit here typing I’m debating if I go with the grey ‘Hyde Park Place’ or the blue for today’s nail colour of choice… tough call.

The Gel Effect polishes are my favourite from the Nails Inc range – they just offer a grey glossy finish that lasts. You don’t even need a top coat for added shine – although I add one for staying power and to help the polish dry without smudging. These are great shades for Autumn. The collection also has two other shades – a bright red called ‘Westend’ and a deep aubergine called ‘New Oxford Street’.

What are you thinking on the new look Nails Inc?

Nails Inc Gel Effect AW 2014 * is available from John Lewis (£12.60)



  1. September 23, 2014 / 3:33 pm

    Nails Inc used to be my favourite nail brand, and for some reason I shifted away from them in recent years, but some of their new launches have definitely got me wanting to go back!! Lilly xx

  2. Kelly glen
    September 24, 2014 / 9:35 am

    I think these new nail varnishes look a lot more classy and worth the money. I agree with what you said about them being given away with magazines so frequently. it makes you think sometimes that if they can give so many away free how come they can charge so much for them in the first place.

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