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Can you believe it’s TEN years since a BBC documentary reported that No7 Protect & Perfect Serum was independently proven to improve the appearance of wrinkles? I actually remember the crazy buzz around it so well – I had only been living in London a year and was working in a PR job with a DVD company at the time so reading the papers and checking out the news was part of my role. I remember seeing a photo of the Boots on Oxford Street with huge lines outside it and recognising it as just around the corner from the office. Of course back then the thought of serious anti-ageing wasn’t quite on my radar properly yet (although random story for you – one of my first ‘payday treats’ was to go to Boots and buy myself an eye cream – after all, I had a salary, therefore I was grown up and so needed eye cream….right?)

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But fast forward a decade and here we are. No7 is still very much going strong and with a series of developments and improvements under its belt it now has a new launch to add to the ‘menu’ of anti-ageing products on offer. The new member of the gang is No7 Restore & Renew Face & Neck Multi Action Serum. The serum is a first – as it has been specifically designed to target both the face and neck – delivering those famous clinically proven anti-ageing results in a multi-action serum.

One of the best things I find about No7 is that there’s a range of products that are targeted to different needs. So you can choose based on either your age or what you want for your skin. They don’t specifically group each one into age brackets, but there are generally ‘trends’ for what you might feel you need a boost of in each age and stage. Which is where my family photos come in!

The photos across this post are some of my favourites – featuring my sister and my mum. Surprisingly, I don’t have anywhere near enough photos of time we spend together. So, note to self – take more photos when I see them both! The photos shown are from the last few years. The one with me and my mum is from a disposable camera at my wedding back in 2014. My sister Sarah in her yellow dress looking lovely is the same – a disposable camera shot from the wedding. The one of me and Sarah is from September 2015 and a family meal we all got together for. I also snuck a photo of my Mum and Dad together in there too – mainly because it’s a favourite of mine and they both look lovely and happy. That one’s from the wedding too!

But why the family snaps?! Well, the main reason is because each of us – my mum, sister and I – are all at different ‘stages’ in our lives. I’m in my early 30’s and just about starting to panic about the fact I won’t stay young forever. Sarah is in her 40’s and has two children and a career that keep her very busy so doesn’t have time for extensive skincare routines and long winded products. My mum is in her 60’s, due to retire this year and always asks me if I have any products ‘for old lady skin’ when she wants to see if I have any spare samples she could use! So we all have different skin, different routines and different skincare needs.



A little about the trio of No7 Protect & Perfect Serums and their benefits:

  • No7 Protect & Perfect Intense ADVANCED Serum (the white one) – clinically proven age defying results that get even better over time
  • No7 Lift & Luminate TRIPLE ACTION Serum (the blue one) – clinically proven TRIPLE ACTION age defying results
  • No7 Restore & Renew FACE & NECK MULTI ACTION Serum (the pink one) – clinically proven MULTI ACTION FACE & NECK age defying results.


The three serums offer different things so you can pick and choose the one that meets your own needs. I’ve long love the Protect & Perfect Advanced and have covered it on the blog many times over the years – you can have a read of it in more detail HERE. But for me the best thing – and the bit that is consistent with my mum, my sister and I – is that we like something simple. None of us really want to be spending hours on a skincare routine and multitudes of products. The fact that each of these serum is just one product we can add into our existing routine day and night to really make a difference on wrinkles is really special.

Generational Beauty Tips

When it comes to beauty tips being passed from generation to generation there’s one that always sticks out to me and it really does stay with me every day now and that’s the importance of a keeping it simple with your beauty routine and avoiding too much fuss. I was always taught that less is more when it comes to all things beauty and this is something that’s very much stuck with me. I try to keep my skincare and my make-up quick and easy – so products like No7 Protect & Perfect are ideal as it’s a lightweight serum that is proven to work.


No7 have a new ad campaign launching to celebrate this new addition to their famous serum line. The new ad features 50-year-old Amanda Foster who is a stunt actress and it shows her taking on a daring stunt in the place of a much younger actress. A message all about being up for it, regardless of your age and just feeling ready to take on the world. Something I’m pretty sure we all want to feel – whatever our age!


Essentially, whatever your age and stage in life – you want skincare that does what you want it to. Effectively. Minimal fuss. Because frankly, life is too short to be spending hours on a skincare routine! So, finding something you know is proven to work like No7 is amazing as you just know you can trust it to do its job. That was one of the things that really shone through when I spoke to my mum and sister about me featuring them in the post about No7 – trust. It’s a brand that has so much trust to it that you just feel like you’re putting your skin into safe hands. In a pretty saturated skincare market – that’s a very valuable thing.

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If you fancy trying out the No7 serum and range then make sure you put a date in the diary for THIS THURSDAY (13th April) from 8-9pm GMT. Where you can get involved with the Thirty Plus Twitter chat where we’re going to be talking all about beauty tips and sharing our own individual insights into ageing. Plus there’s the chance to win one of 10 goody bags with your own No7 targeted regime.

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  1. Blunia
    April 13, 2017 / 10:54 am

    I like No.7 skincare very much. As I do not live in UK I have to buy it on holidays or order it from Boots. It wasnt easy to choose für right one because the distributions are all good but not very clear.
    I take perfect and intense eye cream and no7 restore and renew serum.

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