6 Easy Care House Plants

I’m no long term gardener and I’m definitely not one who is keen to get their hands dirty outside. But I am a massive fan of house plants. Over the years I have had some mixed results over the years but since we moved house I’ve been slowly but surely growing my collection of plants that are alive and well (some I’d even go all out and describe as ‘thriving’) and have learnt a few things on how to look after them and which ones are the easy care house plants that add that all important greenery with minimal green-fingers needed.

Easy Care House Plants

Spider Plant

This has to be the number one easy-care house plant. This is the one I’ve managed to consistently keep alive since I first moved out of home. I had a spider plant when I was at university in my first year and I managed to keep it alive by feeding on the dregs of cans of coke and water that probably sat in glasses for days before being tipped in to the plant as an effort to ‘tidy’ up. I may have improved somewhat on my plant-care since then – one of my current Spider Plants has sprung offspring that are also growing -SEE, thriving!

The Spider plant really is a great option as they can survive on a weekly or even bi-weekly water in a bright but not direct sunny spot.

Mother In Law’s Tongue

The tall green with yellow edges plant is part of the succulent family and will really survive ALL sorts of neglect. I have one of these in my office in a window that gets lots of afternoon sun. I probably water it every other week and it’s totally fine. You get extra points for this as it’s a very Instagram-friendly plant to have around, especially if in a mid-century planter on legs.

Swiss Cheese Plant

Speaking of Instagram-friendly plants, this is one that I got after seeing it pop up in my feed repeatedly. I couldn’t find it at my local garden centre so ended up ordering online – who knew you can order house plants online?! This one is in another bright but non direct sunlight and gets watered once a week at most.


Ficus Elastica or Rubber Leaf Plant

I have two of these – green leaves with white edges to them. There are also all-green versions. I’m not enough of an expert to tell you the difference. Whichever version you go for, these are known as some of the easiest of the easy care plants.

Mine both live in the conservatory (or ‘jungle room’ as I like to call it) so get a lot of sunlight and deal with quite drastically changing temperatures. Being watered once a week and they’re both pretty happy. One lesson I learnt with these though is that they do really need to be watered once a week – I made a mistake of leaving them when away on holiday and it took some months of TLC to get the poor neglected dude back to a happy place again after being somewhat scorched during last year’s September heatwave…oops!


Fiddle Leaf Fig

If there’s one plant that seems to be standard-issue for bloggers and almost every Pinterest worthy interior on the internet, it’s this one. I have one but only a baby sized one. I do want to get a larger one but I’m under strict instructions I cant let my house plant obsession take over the house too much. So my little fiddle-leaf sits on the side table to our sofa and asks very little of me in terms of care. Because it sort of sits solo to some of the other plants it maybe doesn’t quite get the care it deserves but is growing none the less. In more of a shady spot, but by a window so would get some light – just not direct. Watering every couple of weeks and it seems perfectly happy.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Calathea Orbifolia

Fancy name, easy to look after. This is one I got from Ikea – with big leaves (it’s the one next to the guitar) and it takes a splash of water each week and that’s about it. Because it has big leaves it really makes it obvious when it needs a little something – the leaves droop down if it needs a water and pop right back up after it’s been given a drink. This one likes a shadier spot than some of the others so I keep it in a room which has lots of windows but after first thing in the morning it’s not as bright.

I have a whole lot of house plants so this is just a selection of the ones I would recommend as the easiest to care for (i.e. keep alive with minimal effort). If you want a little more house plant inspiration then take a peek at my favourite Pinterest board – full of all sorts of greenery goodness!




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  1. May 13, 2017 / 8:07 pm

    Loving this! (I’ve just learnt a lot about the different plants available from this post! Haha!) They all look lovely and anything that’s easy to care for is just what I’m after for me and my home. Thank you for the ideas 🙂

    Amanda Alston Blog

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