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Everyone has those little things they’re more self conscious of. You know the ones – they might be small things that nobody else would notice or they might be bigger ones that make you feel overly aware and shy away from any sort of attention – the idea of being centre of attention in a photo or even snapping a casual selfie might make you cringe and want to hide.

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I have my own list of insecurities – some of which I can do something about and others I have to just deal with. Others pop up and go away so I need to be prepared to deal with them without letting them get the better of me.

As you might know from the other posts in the series I have been working with lipivir since December. lipivir is a bit of a wonder product to have in your confidence kit if you’re someone who tends to suffer from the dreaded cold sores. One of those simple additions to throw into your beauty routine – morning and night like brushing your teeth – to help prevent the onset of that tingle indicating a nasty blister might be popping up around your mouth. As they always say, prevention is better than a cure so adding it into your day to day is an easy way to keep a cold sores from showing it’s ugly face in the first place.

When it comes to being photo ready one of the biggest things can be lighting – which is ace for the ‘gram – but real life?! Lighting can only help so much. You can’t exactly pull out your selfie light when giving a big presentation to make things look that touch more flattering can you?…



My five instant photo ready beauty tips:

  • Go lighter on the foundation – Ok, this might be counter-intuitive to dial back the coverage rather than slap the base on. BUT hear me out. Genuinely I think a lighter base can actually hide a multitude of sins. Lighter bases also tend to be a little more glowy – helping give you that slightly reflective (i.e. hides flaws) healthy finish.
  • Find a creamy concealer that works for you – Something creamy that works for blemishes and under eye circles. Creamy concealers with some coverage are the perfect all-rounder. I love the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer for all round imperfection hiding.
  • Distract with a bold statement – spot on your forehead? Rock a bright lip and nobody will notice. A smokey eye will detract from a lower-down flaw. My personal favourite trick is the bright lip – always my go to look to quite literally slick on a bit of confidence with a bold colour.
  • Have a selfie light to hand (or always go with natural light) for photos – a ring light or selfie light for your phone can help a tonne when it comes to taking a good photo. Personally I’m not a fan of manipulating face photos with apps – I’d rather just go with decent lighting and let that do it’s thing.
  • Practice taking photos – If you always find yourself caught at an awkward angle or just feel photos are always unflattering. One of the best tricks is practice. Finding that go-to post you can crack out for group photos or that angle that just works to nail a selfie. Practice makes perfect!


One of the first things that struck me when I saw the lipivir packaging was the colour of the lips on the box. A gorgeous bright magenta/purple glossy shade. For me, a bright pink lip is one of my favourite beauty looks and one I always feel brighter and more photo-ready when I have a slick of bright lip colour on. I decided to try and match the shade from the packaging using some of my favourite shade in my collection. The combination I ended up using for the pink lips I have on in this post is my Bite Beauty custom lip colour (more info on that one HERE), Urban Decay lip liner in Fire Bird and Rimmel London Oh My Gloss Oil Tint in Modern Pink. It’s maybe not *quite* the perfect match but it really did remind me how much I love a bright in your face lip colour. Knowing those go-to beauty tricks for quickly and easily dialling up your confidence is the main trick really!

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