Why I Love Autumn

why I love autumn

I had a thought the other day that September is probably one of my favourite months of the year. Above June – my birthday month and December with Christmas and all it’s celebrations. September is just a lovely month in my opinion. Ok, so Summer is pretty much over and darker, colder months are just around the corner. But, there’s something exciting and hopeful about September and this time of year – so here are just a few reasons why I love Autumn:

1. Wearing Jeans (& boots)m   – Ok, so the British Summer can be somewhat iffy, but when it’s good it takes jeans out of my wardrobe rotation for that time. We had a pretty awesome July this year, though August was mixed – but being able to comfortably wear jeans puts me in my wardrobe happy place. Don’t even get my started on my love for boots – of all forms, flat, heels, knee-high, over the knee… can never have too many boots in my opinion.

2. Autumn Fashion – Cosy jumpers? Chunky cardigans? Autumnal shades of deep green, grey, black, sunflower yellow… I’m all over it. I tweeted the other day that Autumn is also known as the season I can’t leave a shop without buying something. It’s true, all my favourite shopping places from high street to online are luring me in like a salmon on a fisherman’s hook. I’m powerless to resist the temptation of Autumn clothes and shoes. Don’t even get me started on boots…my favourite footwear style. I can loose many an hour browsing for what may be my boots of the season.

3. Back to school – Ok, so it may have been a few years (ahem) since I went back to school. But there’s something that still resonates about the excitement of buying a new pencil case and filling it with all clean and sharp pencils just ready for the new school year. My beauty junkie roots go right back to high school and the back to school feeling as I always remember wanting to give myself a ‘makeover’ every year so I’d strut back into school looking amazing (the make-over usually went as far as one of those sachets of wash in hair colour in a shade identical to my existing hair…) and always promised myself that ‘this is the year I’m going to look & feel ‘polished’ – I still haven’t quite managed that… but the feeling of a bit of a new start – despite it being part way through the year – still happens for me around September.

4. X Factor & Cosy Saturday Nights – Yep, the hermit in me comes out in force in colder months. Autumn and winter is the time where my lack of enthusiasm for nights out starts to rear its head and the appeal of a cosy, relaxed night in reaches its peak. I know, this makes me sound rather boring – I’m 100% not against a good night out, I love them. But I am guilty in colder months of opting for the option of a night on the sofa over a night in heels on the dance floor. In my defence, I am out a lot during the week – so when the weekend comes the idea of just slowing down really does appeal. It becomes somewhat more acceptable when it’s cooler outside and personally – I embrace that.

5. Blankets, candles and PJs – Candles are a a love of mine year-round. But in Autumn and Winter, there’s barely a moment you will find me at home without one burning. Personal favourites are:

Neom – they just fill your home with a fragrance that lingers like no other. Happiness is my favourite of their current scents.

Diptyque – the bloggers favourite, the price makes me grimace but they just look too gosh darn pretty to resist and the scents are dreamy. Mimosa, Cypres and Feu de Bois are my long term loves. Currently burning a Jasmin one.

Rituals – A slightly more affordable option but just as pretty with the white glass, with lovely scents and long lasting wax. Spring Garden is the favourite I’ve tried so far.

Sainsbury’s – I know, not quite got the same cool factor, but they have this cotton scented candle that’s a pretty turquoise shade and smells just so fresh and clean. Love these and the biggest bargain of the lot.

Jo Malone – Along with Diptyque, eye-watering price but they’re just gorgeous and the lovely scents that fill a room. Plus..perfect for featuring strategically placed in blog photo backgrounds… making my home totally smell like Pomegranate Noir is the dream.

When it comes to the finishing touches for the perfect cosy night in – it has to be a new pair of PJ’s (am happy with a snazzy Primark pair) and a cosy blanket to snuggle under.


What are your favourite things about this time of year – or is another season your  favourite…leave a comment and let me know! x


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