Help! I need a halloween costume!

help i need a halloween costume!As a self confessed useless halloween person, I am notorious for leaving my costume until the last moment. And by last moment, I’ve been known to simply raid my make-up collection for black eyeliner and the darkest lipstick I can find and hope that will do the job… was it just me or was it so much easier back in the day when you could probably still find an old school uniform to destroy and go as a ‘zombie cheerleader’ or something equally inspired?!

Well, times have changed and the bar has been raised for halloween costumes. It’s getting close to the date, so now is the time to have a hunt for where you can get a little helping hand with your costume ideas. If you’re London based like me then get something creative – but easy to find with a little help from WELIKESHOPPING.


WELIKESHOPPING is a super handy little app I’ve been playing with. Year-round it’s a bit of a ‘little black book’ of shops and shopping areas around the city. Not just the usual haunt of Oxford Street but also covering places like Shoreditch, Brick Lane and even geo locating to where you are. Obviously the number of shops listed will vary depending on where you are and how ‘shop filled’ the area is anywhere!

But the best bit – rather than hunting down possible ideas at random charity shops, or maybe even those random gift stores hoping to come across something that will give you that much-coveted creative/individual/quirky/funny/scary costume that gets more high fives that ‘oh, so that’s what you are meant to be…’ type of responses. Just head to the ‘Halloween Special’ section of the app for a bit of inspiration on where to find a costume for this weekend.

Post in collaboration with WELIKESHOPPING


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  1. October 29, 2014 / 12:36 am

    I reckon with your collection of make-up you could do a fantastic Elsa from Frozen! Or a beautiful, yet haunting Sally from Nightmare Before Xmas

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