New shorter(ish) hair…

Ok, granted – the new style probably doesn’t quite warrant me making quite such a ridiculous face. But that’s what happens when you leave me with a camera and a remote for too long. Sorry. When it comes to hair cuts, and probably most other appointment-based beauty routines I tend to be fairly impulsive. Not in the sense that I decide on a whim to get a mohawk, but more I’ll wake up one day and just have a need to get my hair done. For the first part of the year, I resisted this urge because of the wedding and not wanting to mess around with my hair too much. Then in the run up to the wedding I trod very carefully, with my final appointment for cut/colour being with the amazing Neville Salon and Jack Howard for some of his specialty Balayage – I am still absolutely loving the colour and will share some snaps when I have the proper ones back from the wedding. But for now, this post is a tiny hair update and mini-review of where I had my hair done. With obligatory new shorter(ish) hair before and afters – of course…

shorter hair


Ok, so before – long, slightly wavy thanks to leaving it in plaits overnight. A bit ‘meh’ in general and just screaming out to have some length taken off. You can see how impressed I look with my hair by my face…

IMG_5625 IMG_5684



Much happier looking – my hair immediately feels fuller and healthier and I really like this length. Any fellow long-haired girls can probably relate to the fact that even just a few inches can suddenly feel dramatically shorter. I had around 3-4 inches cut off I think and really feel like it makes the world of difference to the overall feeling of the hair. I stuck with the no-fringe approach, although I was tempted to get one cut in, decided to keep it simple and long all over with a few longer layers so it wasn’t just a plain blunt cut.

The Salon: RUSH King’s Cross

As it was an impulsive hair cut, I decided to go for a convenient salon so opted to go to Rush, King’s Cross branch. I’ve been there before and it’s always been a decent experience. It’s not really the sort of salon that you go to expecting all bells and whistles type of treatment but it does a great job on the convenience front. I booked online (major brownie points for this – I love a beauty salon/treatment I can book online) on the morning of the appointment. Making the most of a 20% off offer they had on too. Just chose my time, and simple as that was booked in. They do also get plus points for excellent salon snacks – they definitely offer the best biscuits. For convenience and value, it’s a good salon to go for – I do wish more places were open to online booking as it really is so convenient!

So there we have it, a revolutionary post.. I know. Silly face and all. But tell me – when it comes to hair cuts – are you the sort of person to always book in advance or just get it all sorted on impulse when the mood strikes?




  1. October 14, 2014 / 7:20 pm

    You look gorgeous! Love the shorter hairdo.

  2. October 14, 2014 / 10:37 pm

    Beautiful! I recently cut my hair to a similar length (although I did it myself so it’s no where near as beautifully shaped as yours) and I love it <3 xx

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