Virgin Atlantic and Illamasqua Collaborate: Illamasqua Virgin Lipstick

I love it when travel and beauty come together. Two of my favourite things. This lipstick ‘Illamasqua Virgin’ is the result of a collaboration between Illamasqua and Virgin Atlantic, which is pretty darn cool. This is the official lipstick that the crew wear on board and it’s basically the perfect red.

I used to think airlines were much of a muchness, and always just opt for the cheapest possible way to get from A to B. But over the years, I’ve really come to appreciate how much the journey to get somewhere matters just as much as where you stay when you arrive. It’s the little things – from the in flight entertainment, to having an actual menu of food rather than just the one choice. The staff are actually wonderful and it makes such a difference to fly with them. It’s true that you feel that bit special.

illamasqua virginIMG_5060 IMG_6018

I’m actually heading over to New York soon and we opted to book to fly with Virgin Atlantic as it really is worth spending that little bit more for the experience. I may very well have to wear this lipstick on the flight too, just to go the whole ‘I’m a huge fan of Virgin Atlantic’ hog! I also kinda like that Virgin Atlantic also turned 30 this year, as did I… yes, I’m a total geek. And far to excited about going back to The Big Apple!

This lipstick is one of the first from Illamasqua that I have loved formula wise from first application. It’s one of their Glamore formula ones and it’s just a classic bright (perfectly Virgin) red. It feels good to apply (I did apply balm first to prep the lips) and have been sitting here typing away doing a few bits and bobs for a couple of hours now and it’s still in place and feeling comfortable. Happy days.

I do love it when two fab brands come together to do something cool. This lipstick will be coming with me on my flight 100%!

Also, quite exciting – I’m actually going to be travelling on my new married name of Thorne for the first time when I head over there. Not sure if it’s just me, but it kinda makes me feel like I’m some sort of beauty-obsessed secret agent travelling under an alias!  I’m clearly not, just got married… but the secret agent story makes it sound far more fun. Now just need to get the guts up to change my name in the rest of my life too!

Illamsqua Virgin Lipstick * is available from (£18.50)


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  1. October 27, 2014 / 5:18 pm

    What a gorgeous red! Looks great on you!

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