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Not quite back into the regular tanning routine, I try to do a weekly application but sometimes life gets in the way which means it often ends up being longer between applications – meaning I might as well start from scratch each time. So I’m happy to have a few essential bits of kit and product to help make this pretty reliable on the no-fail front.

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The latest product discovery for me has been the he-shi Face and Body Tanning Gel – a gorgeous, slightly tinted gel that makes application a breeze. As a previous die-hard mousse tan fan it’s amazing to have found something texture-wise that I like even more – the benefit of a gel is that it feel like less is absorbed by the mitt when applied, and more goes on to the skin, absorbs quickly and dries just as fast. Leaving application really speedy – making it easy to apply and get going with your day without needing to waft around naked waiting for it to totally dry before applying clothes.

Application wise, I mentioned a mitt – I always use a mitt as find this is the easiest way to apply and avoid orange palms. Using a product to buff the product into the skin also helps avoid any streaks or missed spots – or overly heavy application. Recently I’ve been using a mitt and other applications from – a simple, but totally effective selection of tanning tools that make getting your glow on nice and easy.

The other two tools added into the mix – the exfoliating mitt, so great for a scrub pre-application. Firstly to get skin prepped and also to remove any residual tan from the last session. This exfolatior is sort of a cross between exfoliation gloves and a flannel – it has the scrub of a glove but the flexibility of a flannel and is slightly larger as it makes it quicker to cover the body head to toe (or more neck to toe – I avoid the face obviously).

Last but by no means least is the headband – it’s handy, but of the three not the most essential. It helps hold all hair back from the face, even the slightly finer wispier bits. It means you can avoid getting tan into the hairline, or simply protects your hair from getting covered in tanner.

If you’re a regular tanner and know what you like then can definitely suggest checking out for stocking up on your essentials – with free delivery you can always pick up your products of choice plus the essential tools to make your glow look flawless.

I don’t think I’ll ever stop trying and testing new tanners, constantly in search of one that’s slightly better than the previous one! But when you find one that works for you, stock up and stick with it!

Tools via (£4 each) He-She Gel (£17.25)

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  1. April 30, 2013 / 10:10 am

    I am about to become a regular tanner, sick of the pale look. Such a great help, thanks!
    Ashley xo

  2. May 2, 2013 / 5:27 pm

    I’m always looking for new tans to use over summer! May have to give this one a try 😀


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