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With my new fitness kick has come a new hair routine…which might not make total sense but basically a daily sweaty gym session = daily need to wash hair. Totally ruining the every other day rule I had just about gotten used to pre-gym! But one thing that hasn’t changed is my once a week detox session – one I mentioned once recently in my French Pharmacy Haul post – where I stocked up on my favourite hair and scalp detox product… Phyto Clarifying Detox Shampoo.

phyto shampoo
What I like most about this shampoo is how it manages to be really great at detoxing hair but without being too harsh or drying. It leaves the scalp feeling really fresh and cleansed, but not dry or irritated in any way. In fact, it feels so good to use that I got sucked into using it more than once a week and there was no negative result at all – I did decide that once a week was better for a true detox effect.

Longer term results wise – I have felt that my scalp hasn’t been as irritated or sensitive, so a good cleanse is absolutely perfect.

Whatever your hair or scalp type – I totally recommend this one to you. There aren’t many products that I love so much that I stock up with multiples in the stash. That says a lot about how much I love it!

It is the perfect time for a Spring clean detox after all!

Available from (£10.50)

Provided as PR sample – then repurchased by me.


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