Wedding/Honeymoon prep: The Body

wedding prep the body.jpgOk, so by using the words ‘The Body’ I feel I need to be totally clear and say I am not somehow miraculously morphing myself into Elle McPherson…I wish. Totally would if I could, but miracle products really can’t produce that level of miracle. BUT, there are a whole host of things I’m doing in an attempt to shape/smooth/tone up for the wedding and honeymoon as my ultimate goal, so I thought a little run-down is in order:

Back to Barry’s Bootcamp

I’ve blogged about Barry’s many a time before, covering the fact I did ‘The Academy’ for the first time last April, then signed up again in June, and November. It’s not a cheap option by any means, and certainly not easy – but the classes leave you buzzing and the high intensity interval training and weights combination really does work like no other. This time around I didn’t go for The Academy option, but they had a Summer package deal of 20 classes for 20% off – catch is I have to use them by the end of June… which basically means I’m going every day.

I’ve been going to Barry’s Bootcamp London (on and off) for over a year now and it’s amazing to see the changes that have happened in this time at the studio….but I’ll save that for another post! But one of them is that they’re now offering the delicious healthy food/snacks from The Good Life Eatery – delicious stuff and absolutely perfect post-workout. I tried their avocado one and it was so satisfying, but refreshing at the same time. Perfect.

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Sorting the diet

When I really think about it, this is something I find harder than the exercise – and I really do not love exercise. But the diet is the bit I can be a little bit too relaxed on. But taking part in the Weight Watchers Shape Up For Summer campaign helped give me a boost – and showed me a few new recipes I can make that are quick, easy and don’t taste like ‘diet’ food.

I’ve also been trying to get myself cooking other quick and easy meals – one of my favourites being the little stir fry kits you can get in Sainsbury’s – with rice noodles and the mushroom mix being my favourite combination. Just trying to choose a sauce that’s not too heavy on the sugar.

Speaking of sugar, that’s something I am really trying to cut down on with my biggest weakness being cereal! Not always your first thought when you think sugar, well – not when you’re having things like Raisin Bran or something. But they can be absolutely packed with the stuff – which really sucks. So I’m constantly on the hunt at the moment for one that’s tasty, easy to get hold of (i.e. I don’t have to go to Wholefoods or a specialist health shop to get it) and isn’t sugar-loaded.

I haven’t done so well on my cutting out of the Diet Coke though… I know it’s awful for me, but it’s my thing… I don’t drink coffee or tea… I don’t smoke and don’t really drink all that much (with the exception of the next six weeks being filled with weddings, birthdays and hen-do’s!) so for now, the Diet Coke is being cut down…but not gone all together. I am trying to drink as much water as possible instead.

One thing on the diet/healthy eating front that has really helped is actually working from home – I’m no longer a 2min walk from a snack break. Well, actually that’s not true – I am 2mins from a corner shop I pop to and get a sugar/crisp fix. But I haven’t felt the urge as much, somehow it feels like much bigger a deal to go out – so have really cut back on snacking (as long as we don’t have snacks at home that is) and have been reaching for healthy ones we have in like pistachios or fruit.

The products

There are a few key body products I have been reaching for on my ‘get in shape’ mission, and two that are really standing out to me. One, isn’t even technically a body product – but I am finding it’s working wonders on smoothing those upper arm bumps and generally just giving skin a smoother, fresher appearance. Those upper arm bumps really are pesky little buggers aren’t they!? But I’ve been spritzing them with the new Alpha H Instant Facial and I’m majorly impressed – literally 2/3 days in and the skin on my arms and legs feels smoother. I’ve been using it on my legs as I was finding post-winter I had these dry patches and bumps that I wanted to get rid of asap. Regular exfoliation (using the Summer Scrubs I’ve been loving) has helped but adding in this Alpha H step has made a huge difference very quickly. It’s probably quite indulgent to use a fairly expensive face product on the body – but as far as I’m concerned, if the results are happening then it’s worth it.

Then I’ve also been using the Sisley Cellulite Cream in an attempt to smooth those annoying thigh dimples. Another one that’s an absolute bugger to sort – as even the best creams in the world can only do so much. It’s quite a thick cream and I’ve been applying to my upper legs day and night most days of the week and whilst there’s no claiming I’ve been transformed into a dimple-free Victoria’s Secret worthy body, I am seeing that the skin is smoother and feels more even – even if only fairly superficially. It’s also a great hydrator, so if nothing else it’s smoothing the skin over my moisturising. So far, I’m liking the results.

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A little bit of a cheat…

I’ve also been getting back into using a Slendertone device to help tone my stomach up. I had a fab session with Jarod Chapman – Celeb Personal Trainer and Slendertone ambassador a few weeks ago which really helped – he set up a little all over workout programme for me that I am supposed to be doing with the Slendertone in action – no mean feat when it is doing it’s thing, let me tell you! But whilst I’m doing Barry’s every day I have been cheating a little and just using the belt when sitting down to work, or even in bed whilst I read before I go to sleep… I’ve used the Slendertone in the past and whilst it does rely on consistency (not really my strong point usually) I definitely think it helps give you that little bit of a boost – of course it’s no replacement for ‘proper’ exercise and I know Jarod would say exactly the same but it’s like that extra ‘finishing touch’ to help you on your way a little quicker. There’s certainly no denying your abs are working when you crank it up a few points…. for me the only downside is how cold the pads are when you first put them on!

Bikini Ready:

Along with trying to shed a few lbs and tone up, I’ve also been thinking of other ‘bikini ready’ area – and have started a course of Laser Hair Removal with SK:N Clinics *. Now, this isn’t the sort of bikini prep you can really do to be totally ready for this Summer – as you have to leave six weeks between sessions and need six sessions in total. But I started at the beginning of the year and whilst I’m only two sessions in and can already see the difference – I’m hoping to be able to kiss goodbye to bikini waxing for life… fingers crossed! Will do a full update on this separately as it’s a pretty huge topic to cover (is it painful, what prep to do, how long it takes etc…) but this on the bikini preparation list and so far, I’m impressed.



  1. June 15, 2014 / 9:47 pm

    Really excited to see your post about the laser hair removal, it’s something I’m really interested in!

  2. June 17, 2014 / 9:41 am

    Great post, I’d love to hear more about the exercise side and Barry’s bootcamp! Totally agree that I find it easier not to snack as much on the days I’m at home – I just don’t have the naughty things in the cupboard!


  3. Amu
    June 17, 2014 / 1:59 pm

    Hey, totally agree with you regarding the cereal habit. Try this recipe, it has worked for me.

    2 handful oats (the proper kind)
    1 handful mixed seeds
    1 handful crushed dry fruit (walnut, almond..)
    2 tbl – rice malt syrup see this link for more info Rice malt syrup can be bought easily on Amazon.
    If you’re using any protein powder, put that in too
    1 tbl coconut oil

    Mix everything together and put in the oven for 25 mins at 180 mixing it two to three times so its even.

    Enjoy with yoghurt or milk 🙂

  4. June 18, 2014 / 9:10 am

    You read my mind! I’ve been looking for an alpha hydroxy product to use on the bumps on my arms too. Can you tell me where you found this one?

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