A trip down trainer memory lane…

So, I’m having a trainer moment. Normally I’m strictly an ankle boots or sandals sort of girl – with very little in the way of variation in-between those two footwear options. But lately I’ve been option more and more for trainers as my footwear of choice. I have also still been loving my free-run Nikes too, but the latest additions to my trainer wardrobe are these beauties – the Nike Air Max in white/grey from JD Sports.

trainer memories.jpg IMG_0186


They are still so glaringly white that I almost need to wear sunglasses with them – they are seriously bright. But they are also as comfortable as they are bright. They are chunkier than my Free Run pair, that are black and probably the more subtle of my trainer wardrobe. But these are sort of a statement and subtle at the same time – the white and grey was the more subtle colour combination option but the chunkier style makes them stand out.

These actually took me down memory lane to previous Nike memories in my life – when I was 16 and went to California with my parents for a couple of weeks on Summer holiday I remember being determined to buy myself a pair of Nikes as at the time they were always far cheaper in the US than they were in the UK. I remember buying a really similar pair to these – they were more brown/beige though rather than white/grey. They were also some of the comfiest shoes I have had and I wore them until I had totally destroyed them.

My next pair of Nike Airs were again another US purchase – when I was living in the wonderful state of Louisiana and enjoying a bit too much of the Deep Southern food… I decided I needed to step up my exercise game and started going for walks/runs around the LSU campus lakes – and purchased some Nikes to help me do the job. Now these are my trainer equivalents of ‘the ones that got away’. Whilst I used them a few times, they were essentially still brand new and I can honestly say I have NO IDEA where they are in the world. I was sure I brought them home with me, but no idea where they ended up…this is nine years ago now and yes, it still bugs me that I don’t know what happened to these (I rarely lose things, so this annoys me even more).

So these new snazzy kicks are my new love and will fill the void that the lost Nikes left behind almost a decade ago. They also work perfectly for my pre-30th Birthday regression to my teen years!

Nike Air Max * available from JD Sports



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