The Purifyne Bridal Cleanse

Ok, so I am actually writing this as I am part way through my first ever ‘juice cleanse’ (although you will be reading it after I’m done). That’s right, for the last three days I have eaten zero solid food – replacing meals and snacks with organic, cold-pressed juices in various different concoctions and flavours. Yes, this is basically a ‘desperate times call for desperate measures’ approach to getting in shape ahead of the wedding. The cleanse I am doing is a specific ‘Bridal Cleanse‘ and I went for the five day option – there are seven and nine day options also available. I wanted to share my thoughts, or at least jot them down part way through as I thought they would be fresher in my mind. So here goes (warning, probably a few TMI bits in there), my thoughts on The Purifyne Bridal Cleanse.

purifyne juice cleanse

I’ll be totally honest – when I signed up/arranged to do this cleanse I thought it would be a brilliant idea – about two weeks before the wedding…not so close I’m totally stressed…not so far I’ll lose all the benefits before the day. Perfect. Then day one, juices arrive and it dawns on me that there will be ZERO solid food for five days. Over a weekend – no brunch, no nice lunch out or dinner. Considering the majority of my social life usually revolves around food and I wasn’t feeling quite as enthusiastic before the cleanse kicked off.

Now, I know that doesn’t sound like a positive mental attitude way to start things – but in my defence right now I am in the final (slight panic) stages of planning a wedding, trying to fully house train a puppy, along with running my blog as my own business…I am just thankful right now that I am blogging full time and not throwing full time work into the mix right now! All credit to full time working bloggers – I know how hard you need to work to make it all happen!

But in all honesty, it hasn’t been as bad as I was expecting – sure, I had loads of food cravings (I can list them if you want, but you will be here all day…let’s just say Pho and a Five Guys Grilled Cheese sandwich would go down a storm right now). But generally, actual hunger levels have been really low – which really surprised me. I was expecting to feel hungry all day for the whole thing. But no, a lot of the cravings and ‘hunger’ are very much in my own head. This definitely taught me a lesson about mental toughness and self control when it comes to food – a craving in your head really is different to one in your stomach.

Energy levels have been pretty good too – day one I perhaps felt like a nap was in order. But then it was a Saturday, and I do like the odd nap at a weekend as a treat… so that could just be normal. The Monday (today) and third day of the cleanse was the one that really stood out as having more energy – I didn’t need the snooze button and was at my desk before 8am and feeling good (usually it’s around 8.30 and I feel like I’m still half asleep) so this is very positive. Another morning plus is that I really like the ‘Morning Liver Bliss’ juice that I start the day with – it’s quite sweet and very yummy.


Not all the juices are as delicious as the Morning Liver Bliss – but this is very much down to personal preference. I basically have found so far that I like the ones with apple or pear in them, not so keen on the ones where celery is a top ingredient. Although the Bright Green juice which has celery…but also apple is nice. Celery is definitely not my juice/veg of choice.

But again, on the upside there’s also the Acai Berry Juice and the Spicy Lemonade – both really delicious. I wish the Spicy Lemonade was on sale everywhere as I absolutely love this stuff!

There’s also a few supplements/other bits to factor in to the cleanse. There’s two rather large daily Beauty Complex Capsules designed to boost hair skin and nails. Green Superfood – looks fairly gross, doesn’t taste that bad. Then there’s the Colosan Powder – which is basically a laxative effect powder… yep. When they say cleanse, they don’t just mean drinking a few healthy juices and getting on with life. You actually have the option to choose between that and an Enema Kit… which for those who might not already be aware is more of a ‘physical’ way to cleanse your digestive system…  I opted for the Colosan Powder.

Results wise, I am planning to add to this post with a final update on the overall effect. But there are a few ‘results’ so far that I can talk about. Weight Loss – unsurprisingly a few lbs have been shed. How much of this is ‘actual’ weight, rather than basically old food my stomach is carrying around I don’t know. But lbs have been shed and I am happy with this. My stomach is flatter – sure, I won’t be being signed up by Victoria’s Secret any time soon – but there’s definitely less bloat. My mental attitude towards food has changed a bit – how long this will last I don’t know, but for me this feels like the biggest ‘learning lesson’ from the cleanse so far. I have a better understanding that there are the two types of hunger and that I can actually resist that craving for chips if I want to. I also feel like my skin and eyes are looking pretty good – all the liquid means my skin is feeling pretty hydrated and my eyes look that little bit less blood-shot that usual.


Post cleanse, I am going to try VERY hard to resist the urge to dive head first into a burger. Not only for the whole ‘look good for the wedding’ thing, but also so I go easy on my digestive system post-cleanse. Which is apparently very important.

My top tip, if you’re thinking of doing a cleanse ahead of a big event like a wedding. Plan properly, make sure you don’t decide to do it the weekend before when you have a million other things to take care of. Tell those around you, you will probably be a tad grumpy – let them know why. If you’re not sure about the whole ‘juice only’ thing, perhaps consider the Juice until dinner option – a good alternative if you’re not sure about going fully liquid-only.

Personally, I’m please I’ve stuck it out. It definitely hasn’t been as bad as I was imagining before I started. So far I am happy with results. Would I do it again? I would definitely do a cleanse again – but perhaps a shorter duration, or as I mentioned above – the juices until dinner option. But all being well on the whole ‘marriage’ front… I hopefully won’t need to do a bridal cleanse again!

For more information on The Purifyne Bridal Cleanse see the Purifyne website.


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  1. September 6, 2014 / 1:42 pm

    I always interested in Puifyne drink. If I don’t count the fact that it’s so expensive I would defo order it. Can’t wait to read your final post about it so I can make up my mind whether to buy it 🙂

    Kiss me Sunday // Bloglovin

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