Neutrogena Deep Clean Make-up remover: review

I was recently sent a couple of bits from Neutrogena- including these wipes and the oil free deep cleanser. It was a tad random as they weren’t something I was expecting, but the Neutrogena PR people must have gotten my address from somewhere! Anyway, not complaining – a lovely surprise.

So what do the wipes promise…

“Neutrogena Deep Clean make-up remover refreshing oil free wipes are infused with a light, refreshing cleansing lotion that effectively removes all types of make-upon face and eyes, even waterproof mascara without leaving any greasy residue or after-feel.”

So what do I think?

I have a mixed opinion of these wipes. I really love how refreshing they are and have taken to using them on a daily basis when I get home from work to refresh my face and remove about 80% of my make-up.

Now, that to me is the problem – the wipes only ever seem to manage to remove around 80% of the make-up. I wouldn’t personally say that these leave my skin feeling deeply clean, but then I have never found a face wipe that truly cleanses the skin enough to feel clean.

I would also have to disagree with the claim that the wipes don’t leave a greasy residue or after-feel. In my opinion it does, my skin does tend to feel like it has a ‘film’ left over it after using these – but this isn’t necessarily all negative. I actually like how skin feels moisturised and really ‘quenched’ after using them – for me this isn’t a complaint at all, in fact I actually really like how it feels after using them.

One of the major plus points for these wipes is that they don’t sting the eyes at all when used to remove make-up in the eye area, although they don’t manage to get it all off – what they do remove they do in a gentle manner.

SO, overall – my view is about 80% positive for these wipes. I like how they feel and that they do leave skin feeling clean and refreshed, but I wouldn’t use these alone to remove make-up as I just don’t think they do a decent enough job.

These are definitely up there with my favorite face wipes though and would happily buy these again. I’ve not been able to find confirmation for how much these cost in the UK, but I would guess under £5.

Whilst I’m on the subject of wipes – which would you recommend? If anyone can suggest some that truly remove make-up then I would love to hear about them – please leave a comment below!

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  1. Suzanna
    February 23, 2010 / 3:50 am

    Hey doll!I love your blog, yay! as for these wipes, I must say I love them! I carry them in my purse bc my job requires a TON of traveling so im on planes every week, and i would die without these! there are def a must have 🙂 anyways, im a new follower and a new blogger, you can come visit/follow me and we can tweet away!

    xoxo suzanna

  2. Sarbeauty
    February 23, 2010 / 4:22 pm

    I love tescos vitamin E wipes! they are really good! leave your skin feeling great and remove all make up and they are pretty cheap!

  3. LauraSummer
    February 24, 2010 / 10:15 am

    L’oreal de-maq wipes are what I used to use when I was working and they take all make up off like a flash, downside is they hurt my face sometimes. day to day i use Johnson’s 3in1 wipes and I find them pretty good too. No other wipes I’ve ever used even come close to those two, I was hoping the neutogena ones would! thanks for the review xx

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