Making pizza with Pizza Express

Last week I got to go along to one of the most epic blog events I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to – making pizza with Pizza Express. Anyone who knows me will testify to my love of all things carb-related (hence the current gym mission) and no matter how much I love you, there is no way you will persuade me to share a portion of garlic mozzarella bread (again, hence the gym mission). So being invited down to make our own pizza – and even better, the Leggera ‘light’ pizza…  perfect!

I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

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In typical blogger style you couldn’t look around the pizza making stations or table and not spot at least 80% of people taking photos of either themselves or what they were making or what they were about to eat. I think Instagram must have been a bit spammed by Pizza that night, but with good reason – these babies were delicious! 
For my pizza I chose a selection of grilled chicken and pepperoni, some light mozzarella and some tomatoes that have been marinated in garlic. No lie, it was delicious – and with the middle part of the pizza removed in ‘Leggera’ style it means a reduction in the overall calories, but not the taste. As a self confessed salad dodger I can honestly say I would be happy to order this – satisfying, yet saintly.
Then of course where I fall down has to be my weakness for dough balls….geez those things are delicious! But in my defence the portion was shared around a few people, not all me! 
Then we were also introduced to the new Leggera Superfood Salad – which comes as a plain or a with chicken version – and contains avocado, light mozzarella, cucumber and butternut squash amongst other things! It was also really tasty, but if I was to have this on it’s own I would definitely add the chicken and it would take an awful lot to convince me not to add breadsticks.
Last but not least we finished with the Mini Oddono’s Rasberry Sorbet – sorbet is my all time favourite desert. I’m definitely more of a starters/savoury person, but when it comes to a sweet treat I love the combo of refreshing and light that sorbet offers. This one looks small when it arrives but is actually a really decent portion size and is so packed with flavour that it’s the ideal size for a final treat.
Overall, a seriously fun and seriously delicious evening! It’s good to know that a trip to Pizza Express doesn’t have to mean total carb-icide or ruining the healthy eating, and that’s it’s easy to enjoy a meal that feels indulgent but is actually nicely balanced.

I was a guest of Pizza Express (plus my friend LW for pizza making fun!)


  1. April 30, 2013 / 11:16 am

    The sorbet looks absolutely amazing! Love it 🙂 I feel so hungry after reading this ahha, a trip to pizza express is definitely in order xx

  2. May 2, 2013 / 6:08 pm

    I love the leggera pizzas! Would be so cool to make your own!


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