My Essentials: Sunglasses

Over the last couple of years I’ve gone from being someone who wears sunglasses on holiday to someone who has them in my bag year-round in the same way as any true-Brit has an Umbrella (rain could happen at any moment). Sunglasses have become a daily essential to me – and not just when it’s bright and sunny. Sometimes it can be overcast with clouds, but still bright enough to make me squint.


Maybe it’s just me having sensitive eyes, but I do find a squint a lot. Combine this with a dehydrated area around the eye and I have a sure-fure recipe for early wrinkles appearing. This is not something I want (obviously) so any steps I can take to prevent it are welcome. Plus I don’t really want to combine with my short sightedness and I have a tendency to look like a confused mole without a pair of sunglasses to hand.

I do also have a pair of actual prescription glasses to prevent the squinting when at the computer (you can see these in action here) which I have gradually become more and more used to wearing. So it makes sense that I added a prescription pair of sunglasses to my sunglasses wardrobe. These are a pair of the classic RayBan RB2132 – the new style Wayfarer in the slightly smaller size style which I think fits my face a bit better than the full size. They’re the Tortoiseshell finish and have some rather snazzy lenses from Boots. They’re fitted with the anti-ageing Boots Protect Lenses. When they say anti-ageing, the key thing is that the lenses are designed to protect from UV rays on both sides to prevent the UV rays, thus protecting the delicate skin around the eyes from the damaging sun’s rays.

This is exactly what I mean when I say I go from being a holiday-only sunglasses wearer to having them as a constant. I also used to be guilty of buying the cheapest pair of sunglasses I could find (I’m only wearing them for a week or two…why would I spend £££) but now I really have realised the difference between a quality lens and a cheap one that’s simply tinted to shield from the sun. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt over the years so far it’s that you don’t mess when it comes to eye care. They’re a worthy investment if ever there was one!

Boots Protect Lenses * available in range of styles via Boots Opticians. More info HERE.


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