Nails Inc for Victoria Beckham SS15

So the news broke last week about the latest nail collaboration on the block – Nails Inc for Victoria Beckham SS15 . This is a two-shade only collection that’s all about the aesthetic more than shade range. With a statement red and a nude shade both inspired by the Victoria, Victoria Beckham collection for SS15.nails inc for victoria beckham ss15 IMG_3679 IMG_3687 IMG_3692 IMG_3697 IMG_3705


The two shades are Judo Red and Bamboo White (I don’t really need to point out which is which). With them described as a ‘vibrant tomato shade’ and ‘a bone shade’. The formula of the polishes has been created brand new for the two colours. With what is described as ‘stretch to fit’ technology and bamboo extract with silica. The benefits apparently being – perfect smooth application, healthy nails, reduces ridges and imperfections and promotes nail growth. It’s hard to say really for me if this works as I don’t think there’s a polish or product in the world that could promise these things on a two-day wear and that’s about as long as my shade choices ever extend. But if you you’re more of a paint, remove and re-paint the same shade then this might be a selling point. I should probably add here that these are premium priced polishes too – at £25 a bottle.

The bottle design for me is the real stand out – with the new Nail’s Inc concave shape. But with a matte finish with transparent sides to reveal the polish inside. The result being quite a unique effect of the polish almost looking like it’s suspended in the glass. As you can see there’s one white and one black bottle too – to really make the most of the contrast between shade and bottle.

Shade wise, for me Bamboo White is a fairly ‘meh’ shade. But I do really like Judo Red – it’s a stunning bright shade that really stands out. This would be my pick of the collection (if you’re not quite ready to splash £50 on two nail polishes…).

The polishes launch on 8th December on and Selfridges – then globally from February.

On a side note, something that was quite interesting was that the polish launch was sent around as information last week but subject to an embargo until Monday 8th December. Now, I should add here that I will always respect an embargo. That’s my choice and I’m happy to follow that. But the one thing about this that was on the old fashioned side, was the fact that the news was announced online – via Nails Inc and Vogue (mid week before the 8th). So of course, bloggers and other online titles picked this up. Which is natural and basically how media works today. However, the brand are still keen to enforce the embargo to the 8th. The thing I don’t really get is why. It’s a shame really for a brand to be doing such an exciting collaboration, but taking quite an old-school media approach. I also feel for those who are trying to enforce the embargo! As it’s that whole ‘shutting the door after the horse has bolted thing… or maybe more like trying to coax a horse back into the stables after it’s running free in a field?!). Or perhaps it’s a bit like asking someone to act surprised when they already know about a surprise party happening. Sort of pointless and you could all have a good time at the party even if the surprise got out ahead of the date… Anyway, just a thought from me on this embargo thing. As I said, I personally will always follow an embargo, as in the greater scheme of things it’s no skin off my nose – but in this instance it felt a bit like a missed opportunity for both the brand and us bloggers who are just keen to talk about an exciting launch when the news is fresh.



  1. December 8, 2014 / 1:28 pm

    The packaging is stunning! But the colours look quite dupable. For that price, I would have preferred something more unique.

  2. January 4, 2015 / 4:55 pm

    Love the styling and concept of the colours, but £25 each? No thanks – and that’s from a bit of nails inc obsessive. Interesting too about the embargo, why embargo something that’s been announced?! Sure’y if it’s been ‘launched’ then they’d want potential customers to be able to read reviews and see swatches etc…

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