Duty Free: MAC 15x Warm Neutral Palette

I don’t need another neutral eyeshadow palette… said NO BLOGGER EVER. So bright and early at Heathrow on Friday morning I found myself casually browsing Duty Free. I was only flying over to Belfast, but still – duty free calls and I listen. I spotted the gorgeous MAC 15x Warm Neutral Palette on display which I had previously thought was limited and had sold out long ago. But apparently not – and you know how the rest of the story goes….



In actual fact the palette isn’t sold our OR limited edition (there’s stock on Selfridges as I type). But still, the temptation of reduced Duty Free prices got me and this one is now mine. It’s a beaut. Sure, I probably have similar shades in other palettes…but who cares, it’s pretty!

The shadows included are: Hey, Warm Breeze, Gingersnap, Dark Brew, Dance in the Dark, Brule Vanilla Extract, Honey Lust, Amber Lights, Saddle, Lemon Tart, Butterfudge, Creative Copper, Unwind and Divine Decadence.

IMG_7256 IMG_7262

I haven’t included swatches of all the shades on this right now but let me know if you want them. The post is more of a ‘guess what, it’s not limited and is still available’ heads up… yes, am total sucker for a MAC product. But if you want to see full swatches or maybe even a couple of looks from the palette then let me know and will do my very best.

I paid duty free prices for this but full price is £65 and there’s also a Cool Neutral palette available if you prefer the cooler side of the shadow spectrum. Which if you think 15x £13 a shadow = £195… significantly cheaper full palette!

MAC 15x Warm Neutral Palette available from Selfridges (£65)



  1. February 17, 2015 / 2:02 pm

    Wow, I love those colors! I’m going to be at Gatwick later this week, and I think I might have to look out for that at Duty Free!

  2. February 17, 2015 / 3:15 pm

    I was at the AirPort last week but didn’t get anything in Duty Free as I’m on a low buy, but I really regret it now because I wanted a Burberry Eyeshadow and a Jo Makine fragrance! Oh well!
    This palette you’ve picked up is gorgeous and well priced considering all you get! Great purchase!

  3. Emily
    February 17, 2015 / 6:10 pm

    Hi Jen,

    I was just wondering if you would share the duty free price, as my father is travelling for business shortly and I may entreat him to pick this up while at the airport!

    Thank you so much,

    • Jen
      February 17, 2015 / 10:32 pm

      It was £54 I think – will need to dig out the receipt but pretty sure it wasn’t over £55!

      • Emily
        February 18, 2015 / 10:46 am

        Thank you !

  4. Denise
    February 17, 2015 / 6:59 pm

    £65 is brilliant.. I did my 15 all individually. Before MAC introduced these.

  5. February 17, 2015 / 8:44 pm

    ah I wish I had browsed MAC more when I was at Heathrow on Thursday! These colours are all fabulous and i’m pretty sure i’m due another nudes palette! I’m definitely going to have check out the MAC counter at Gatwick when i’m there next month.

  6. February 17, 2015 / 10:04 pm

    I was kind of debating getting this – I have a quad but I feel I may have been better just getting this! xx

    Magpie Jasmine

  7. February 17, 2015 / 11:07 pm

    This palette is absolutely beautiful! x

  8. February 18, 2015 / 1:01 am

    I bought this palette when it first came out and I am SO glad I did! The shades are so useful and I will never get tired of using them.

    xx Alyson

  9. nueyork
    February 18, 2015 / 4:27 am

    This is such a stunning palette! Was it significantly cheaper than buying the shadows and palettes separately?


  10. February 18, 2015 / 11:36 am

    Ah this palette is so pretty, I had it on my Xmas list last year but stupidly changed my mind, definitely will be adding it to my birthday list this year! It seems so affordable even at £65 for all of the colours you get.

    alice x | beautybyalicee | Bloglovin’ | YouTube

  11. February 20, 2015 / 10:50 am

    This palette is so gorgeous!! Such a good price as well! Great post 🙂


  12. February 21, 2015 / 11:00 pm

    This looks so gorgeous! I’ve tried it and didn’t think the shadows were as good as the individual ones, but every time I see it I get tempted all over again.

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