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I was sure I had already blogged about this, since it was actually back in January that Zoe and I headed down to Pizza Pilgrims for a dose of carby goodness. But a quick check and no, I was in fact having a blonde moment and have not blogged about it yet. But here you go – a little look at why Pizza Pilgrims is worth a visit if you’re in central London and want to indulge in some cheese-topped dough deliciousness.




Yep – those are chips on top of my pizza. No joke – a carb fiends dream. Pizza, topped with chips. Oh yes. Diets are not your friend here. But taste is. I have been informed that apparently a chip-topped pizza is known as a ‘London pizza’ elsewhere in the UK. Which is sort of funny, considering I live in London and the whole concept of having chips on pizza was a novelty for me. No complaints though!

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That’s my happy with the feast I am enjoying face. I am not one to be all cool-blogger looking stylish whilst eating pizza. I’m full on happy grin face.

Pizza Pilgrims really is amazing pizza – they have a mix of menu staples and some special dishes (the one I had wasn’t called the London pizza but was a special one called the L’Americano – so don’t think it’s on the menu full time. Zoe had the Salsiccia E Friarelli – which looked awesome too and was topped with sausage, creamy cheese, spinach and chilli. Yum.

Best thing about Pizza Pilgrims is the pizza dough for sure – it’s delicious. Fat and fluffy but crispy in all the right places. Whatever topping you go for, you can bet you wont be disappointed in the dough.

Also great news is that it was only about £10 for the pizza and drink – and with a really relaxed, casual pizza joint sort of atmosphere. A great place to head to re-fuel if you’re around Carnaby/Oxford Street and want a breather and some pizza.

Pizza Pilgrims – Carnaby Street:



  1. March 8, 2015 / 12:14 pm

    I was just telling my boyfriend last night that I thought chips on pizza would be brilliant and he said I was weird! Sent him a link to this article to prove my taste buds are not crazy!

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