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If you have been reading this blog for a while then you will likely know that being comfortable in front of the camera is not exactly my thing. I love the idea of taking lovely glossy photos and posing up a storm. I’d love to do more fashion type content but then I just feel I can’t take good enough photos to make them work. When so many bloggers are taking such amazing quality shots, awkward little me just can’t quite get up to the same standard. So, when I was invited by The Apartment to go along to an event all about getting comfortable – particularly featuring a mini photo shoot session that was all about getting comfortable in front of the camera.

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Just in case you’re wondering – not all bloggers love the camera. I tend to find anytime a lens is pointed at me I either get a severe case of the whole ‘resting b***h face’ or I grin so much I look like I’m borderline in pain. I don’t seem to be able to master that middle ground of relaxed/happy/casual. This is all before I even get on to thinking about where to put my arms or what to do with the rest of my body. Oh goodness, the awkwardness is just too much.

So to go along to an event all about getting comfortable and actually come away with some ace photos where I genuinely felt and looked comfortable… this is pretty awesome!

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So, I headed along to the event – which was held in the most amazing venue of the De Montfort Suite in the Town Hall Hotel that’s just a stones throw from Bethnal Green tube. The room was absolutely amazing as it used to be the town hall – as the name suggests – and still has all the classic features, plus a new modern installation area that adds different floors and levels to one side of the room – which houses bedrooms and bathroom spaces. With the whole side being fronted by glass (not the bathrooms themselves FYI – that wouldn’t be so comfortable). It really is such a cool space.

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So along with a mini photo shoot there was also a candle-making session where you could hand pour your own candle and choose the fragrance you like to help set your own comfortable ambiance. There was a plethora of red-themed snacks to tie in to Canesten who were the hosts of the event as they’re all about being comfortable.

One of the highlights was listening to a really interesting talk about confidence and picking up some tips and tricks for how to portray it when maybe you don’t exactly feel it. Really helpful for things like presenting, which is something I have to do through some of my freelance projects. Things like holding your hands casually in front of you when you’re speaking, avoiding crossing your arms and being aware of your posture. All simple things, but helps give yourself a bit of focus when you’re not feeling confident but want to look like you’re totally comfortable.

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It was a really lovely event, such an amazing space where you had a good mix of smaller areas or large ones – so you could be as social or as cosy as you like! I really appreciated the chance to have a mini photo shoot too and actually loved the photos – Kris Atomic who took the shots has some serious skills – I actually did feel comfortable for once in my life in front of a camera (this never happens) and didn’t over-critique myself when I saw the shots either! Happy days.

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Post sponsored by Canesten.


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