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So I have a real #bloggerproblems going on here. We’re all moved into the new house and it really is starting to feel like home – which is awesome. I’m also back into the swing of things with work, which feels really good. With the one exception of the fact I don’t feel quite ‘settled’ with my new home office. Hardly the worlds biggest hardship, I know. But I know how I’m not the only one who loves a good old interiors chat so I thought I’d put it out there and have a little natter about what I’m thinking, what I’m struggling with and generally get a little helping hand on where to start!

home office

The best thing about the office – and the thing I’ve very fortunate about – is that it’s lovely and spacious. Which makes it really bright and airy. It was lots of light thanks to two windows on one side and french doors on another wall.

Currently, it’s a nice but fairly bland room. Think beige carpet, magnolia walls, beige curtains. Non offensive at all, but I’m keen to make it a little more ‘me’. I want to keep it feeling bright and airy so I think colour wise I’ll be painting it bright white (the ceiling and wood work is already white, just need to pain the walls to make it all a nice blank white canvas. IMG_9039 IMG_8980

Beyond making it look pretty though, I want to make it a good place to work – and by good I mean a space that adapts to the stuff I need to do for the blog (think taking photos, filming, editing, playing with products etc), whilst staying creative feeling but not cluttered. I want it to be colourful rather than dull, but not quite so chaotic that it feels messy and distracting. I also need to factor in that we will likely use the room as a spare bedroom from time to time so will likely be getting a sofa bed at some point too.

So so far the only things I ‘know’ are that I want to paint the walls white, and get wooden flooring put down in place of the current carpet. Both of these are a bit budget and time dependent and so I don’t want to wait for ages until these happen to make it a good place to work. I would ideally like to have different ‘areas’ of the room – so one which is the main desk where I’d sit and work day to day, another which would be my little creative/photo studio where I can snap photos without too much hassle or mess. Then I’d like a sofa bed/filming area that I can use as a regular backdrop so I can get back into filming videos again (woo!) Not too much to ask… !IMG_9014 IMG_9053 IMG_8968

But the things I can’t quite make decisions on… what sort of colours?! Stick to one or just go with what I fancy… do I want clutter all away or do I want a few things on show to give it more personality? Do I want photos or prints on the wall? Curtains or blinds…. SO MANY QUESTIONS THAT ONLY I CARE ABOUT!?

Anyway, a few shots in this post are from the ao.com tour a couple of months ago and have been a helpful little spark. Including the sofa shot as I’m thinking I want to get myself a mint coloured sofa maybe to be a ‘feature’ piece in the room. I’ve take a few fairly basic ‘before’ shots (for a future ‘before & after’) so I can share how it’s looking now… but to give you an idea right now it’s tidy, but a bit bland. But then it will (hopefully) be interesting to see the ‘after’ shots too. But as a ‘sneak peek’ you can see my latest Instagram below:

Kinda easy to make everything look neat when most of the clutter is still in boxes… #office #shelfie

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What I’d love to know is what would you do?! Where would you start – I’ve been so excited about all this decorating/interiors madness and know I don’t know where to begin! I think getting the floors and walls sorted so the blank canvas is ready will make it easier. Then I can start to piece it together gradually. It can be quite overwhelming though as I have zero experience and all the instagram/pinterest/blog inspiration to make me want it to look perfect but little or no idea on how to get there.

I know I mentioned a wish list for this post but in all honesty I need to get my ideas together and have actually gone as far as creating a real-life ‘Pinterest’ board… also known as a good old fashioned pin board to start piecing it all together on. So I’m going to do a follow up with that and will share in a second post. I may also film some before/during after video content so can edit something on that front too when it’s all done!

If you have any desk/office decor inspiration let me know as always welcome more ideas! I’d love to know what your dream home office would look like?! All white…monochrome…classic wood…. touches of glam gold?! What would you have it looking like – feel free to link me up to examples!




  1. September 14, 2015 / 2:54 am

    These are all lovely inspo-images 🙂 my favourite is the one with the red chair! I love the idea of having either a black and white or grey backdrop with pops of colour as furniture x


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