Liz Earle Hand Repair {Beauty}

It’s been a while since I’ve had a Liz Earle moment to be honest. I know many people absolutely adore the Hot Cloth Cleanser and go a little loopy over many other products. Personally for me it’s always been a brand I’ve like but maybe not been quite wildly excited about. But in recent weeks I’ve found more and more Liz Earle goodies slowly but surely making their way into my life. It all started with the Orange Flower shower gel which arrived as part of  a QVC TSV kit and now there’s these – the Liz Earle Hand Repair in three different variants that I knew on first use that I loved so wanted to write about straight away.


Let me start by saying, I have exceptionally dry hands. I have done since I was a teenager and I’ve never quite been able to long term ‘cure’ it. Sure, hand creams give a little relief but it only lasts so long and usually means I have to reapply every few hours at least to ensure my hands are slightly less dehydrated than the sahara. Some handcreams don’t even manage to leave my hands much better than they are when I first use it – those don’t even make the cut of being on the blog – but some leave me with hands that basically don’t look like mine (i.e they make them no longer look like old lady hands) and so deserve a rave on here.

These Liz Earle Hand Repairs fall into the later category in that on one use I was instantly impressed with how soft and silky my hands felt immediately and then for a few hours after. There are three variants in the Hand Repair family – a classic product that’s been given a formula refresh and packaging make-over – as far as I can tell the difference basically just come down to the scent and packaging. There’s Rosemary and Rock Rose, Orange Flower, and Lavender and Basil. With my favourite being the Lavender and Basil – with the basil keeping the lavender safely out of the ‘old fashioned’ scent camp. Although in all honesty, they all smell lovely – so will largely come down to your own personal preference.

A few other little details on these that make me love them. One – the packaging comes in pretty colours. Each tube is 150ml and pretty substantial – these are the sort of hand creams you have on your desk or by your bed, not in your handbag as they are relatively bulky. BUT this is not a negative at all – it’s actually one of the things I like about it. I like the bigger size – it’s handy (no pun intended) and sits pride of place on either my desk or by my bed (the Lavender one is currently by my bed with both Rosemary and Orange on my desk)

Basically, if you have dry hands (raises mine) then this is one you want to try. It smells lovely and the cream absorbs like a dream and leaves hands feeling softer and smoother than before – instantly – and best of all, the effect actually lasts.

Liz Earle Hand Repair * available from John Lewis (£21 for 150ml)

*PR sample or gift


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