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Party season is on the horizon, and beyond browsing spangly numbers on ASOS it means parties/drinks/dinner and all that sort of festive fun and games are on the horizon. Which means it’s time to edit that chunky handbag with all the ‘essentials’ down into a minimal clutch bag style – so you really do need to be as basic as possible with your choices. We’re talking multi-task products, mini sized versions – plus of course the Sure Compressed Deodorant. Basically all you need to survive a whole weekend on one single bag. Obviously not in a dirty stop out sort of way, but in a lots of fun, minimal baggage sort of way. So, here goes.

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I’m the sort of girl who likes to carry the essentials, plus the back ups of the essentials. So I’d take a lip colour, plus a lip balm – just in case I wanted to switch for a lower-maintenance look after I leave the house. I’d normally take a powder but have switched this time for a multi-tasker of this Clinique Powder Foundation & Concealer in one. More coverage (good for night time) and option to use as powder, foundation or concealer. Triple threat make-up right there. I always tend to take an eye liner with me too – as if I feel too casual or under dressed I find adding some more smoke to the eyes can help make me feel a bit more polished. I’m currently really loving this L’Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim in the grey shade. Adds definition, but a touch softer than typical black. The finishing beauty touch is a red lipstick and for a compressed clutch I’d always go mini-sized. This is the shade ‘Underage Red’ from the Kat Von D Lipstick range that I picked up on a previous trip to Sephora in the USA.


Then of course it’s the bare minimum of travel essentials – so I tend to take just my rose gold wallet with just my Oyster card and a bank card. I used to carry my drivers licence too, but that’s just wishful thinking that I might need it for ID… a girl can hope.

The absolute essential I carry – and always have done – is a little deodorant. Not that I’m an excessively sweaty person. But anyone who lives in London will know the joys of a clammy tube ride means you arrive feeling less than fresh. Regardless of the season. So I learnt early on in my London years that carrying a little deodorant with you is a pretty smart move. One, to just feel fresher and clean and two because it just gives you that confidence boost that you *know* you’re smelling fresh. So no need for that not-so-subtle under arm sniff to check…Plus, the compressed style cans are just like carrying one of those big cans (the 250ml) around because they last as long. but they are just a smaller sized, cleverly compressed version (125ml).  So on spray does the job of the big can in terms of looking after your skin whilst keeping you sweat-free – and lasts as long as the bigger size.


Of course, as much as I want to go super basic – I of course need my phone. That’s a given. I’m a blogger, I basically can’t be parted from my phone for fear of missing that perfect instagram moment. HEAVEN FORBID. Or – you know – checking emails/Twitter/Pinterest/snapchat… etc.

This really is a full on edited down version of my current daily handbag which normally includes my full ‘mobile office’ of MacBook Air, iPad (which I use to manage social things for some clients), camera, chargers, note book, pen, wallet, keys etc etc etc. The list goes on. Plus of course my full make-up bag for on the go which includes a good few more products than this edited selection. But in all honesty – bar perhaps a single (small) handcream tube I could cope just fine with these basics?! Might save my back some pain too… I think a compressed clutch is the way forward.

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  1. November 10, 2015 / 4:19 pm

    This was an amazing post, I’m just the essentials kinda gal. I’m like you I wear lipstick or some color on my lips and always have some sort of balm. Also I’m not the only one that carries deodorant in my purse, I got to a lot of shows and the check your bag. I had a guy one time check my purse he kinda questioned why I have mini everything in my purse lol. One thing I have in mine as an essential is mints or gum some sort of breath fresher. Find mints are easier gum can melt and get all gross in your purse.

    This was such a great post thanks for sharing !

    • Jen
      November 10, 2015 / 4:20 pm

      Yes! I totally forgot mints/gum – I do normally have those with me actually so should definitely have included those!

  2. November 25, 2015 / 1:46 pm

    I love this clutch bag, where can i get my mitts on it?

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